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  When our second semester begins everyone will be busy chatting with their friends, telling each other about what they did during their summer vacation. Some students may talk about their trips around our nation, others may talk about their trips abroad, other friends may talk about their diet challenges, and others may talk about courses they have taken so that they could acquire a license of some sort. And then there are those who did absolutely nothing but just stay home.
  However, there aren’t that many people who have successfully completed everything they planned during their vacation. The so-called trips they went on just turned out to be ‘fun’, or the diets they planned turned out to be huge and utter failures. Obtaining a license of some sort was harder than expected, and well. What do you know! Suddenly, the second semester has already begun! We know that this can’t be all, but it is what it is. Vacations tend to end up as over-planned disappointments.
  There are many reasons for why we fail, but one of the main causes is a lack of motivation towards achieving our goals. Setting a specific goal is certainly important. If we lose that direction and focus, it becomes very hard to go on as scheduled. This is when most of us begin to give up; since we have lost our motivation we become lazy.  Having motivation helps us to stay strong and energetic. It gives us the will to accomplish our goals. Even if we sometimes fail, as long as we have the motivation, it will help us to try harder next time.
  As we start a new semester I’m sure everyone has already began creating goals that they’d like to accomplish. So this time begin your plan with some motivation. These motivations can come  from trips, books, role models, etc. Whatever floats your boat is fine. For me, I always felt that I lacked concentration, but reading a book called Think Hard has helped me improve my concentrations skills. Through my experiences and this article I hope everybody else can also accomplish something meaningful in their lives.
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