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Spring, the Change of the Season! How Do You Manage Your Skin Care?Methods of beauty care for the spring depending on personal types
Kim Hyun-Jin  |  emily0125@naver.com
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Updated : 2022.03.20  18:44:38
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 Spring is ready to bring fresh leaves and pretty blooming flowers. Spring in March is likely to be regarded as favorite season by almost everyone because people can take off their heavy and bulky jackets and start wearing more comfortable clothing. As the new semester begins in March, I think there will be some people who want to go out looking neat. However, spring is a dry season, and it is also a time when many people suffer from allergies. Among these issues, the most common problem that the majority of people sympathize with, which is “skin”. Currently, regardless of age, gender, people suffer from a variety of problems such as allergic dermatitis, dry skin and dry eczema occur. Therefore, I would like to introduce beauty care methods that can be helpful according to several skin types in response to various factors that cause problems in spring for students through this article.
 First, there is the problem that sunlight gets stronger in spring. As our skin has deteriorated in the cold throughout the winter, it is most important to block ultraviolet rays because our resistance to sunlight is low. In addition, as external activities and UV exposure increase so you must pay attention to UV protection. To protect our skin from UV, you must put on sunscreen 30 minutes before going out. It is the same way as being outdoor when you are in door, and the sunscreen should be applied with a product of PA++ or PA+++ SPF. In case of oily skin and troubled skin, we need oil free products to prevent forming oil on the face. If you don't use these products, dilute sunscreen penetrates the pores and is prone to have troubles. Conversely, if someone with dry skin use products that do not contain moisture, it causes skin tightness and dead skin cells. Moreover, if this condition persists, there is a high risk of skin drying and wrinkles. It is important to use sunscreen that suits each skin type. Unless, it can cause skin diseases such as wrinkles, skin aging, freckles. So, we should pay attention to these points.
 The second is increased sebum secretion. Sebum secretion is bound to increase due to rising temperatures in spring. Due to sebum secretion, the T-zone is oily, making pimples. Because of exposure to the wind in spring, the protective film of the skin is damaged, and the face outside the T-zone is easy to develop tingling or keratin. This keratin causes rough skin and increases fine lines around the eyes and mouth. Therefore, it is important to distinguish between cleansing methods for sensitive skin. If you have dry or sensitive skin, use cream or oil cleanser to remove makeup. On the other hand, if you have intelligent or complex skin, you should wipe it off with a gel or lotion cleanser.
 Lastly, it is effective to cleanse in the same way regardless of skin type. It is washing your face twice. Wipe the cleansing oil or lotion applied to the face with a cotton pad coated and lukewarm water. When using a cotton pad, it is more important to wipe it off as if you were pressing it slightly than rubbing it quickly. Next, rub enough foam with soap or cleansing foam that is less irritating, and at first rinse with lukewarm water then finish with cool water. When wiping off the water, you need to tap it with a towel rather than rubbing it to get positive effect.
 As such, I organized the most basic and well-known management methods by skin type. We thought it was a fact that we usually knew well, but we often live without actually doing it. Before going out, we put on makeup immediately without sunscreen or choose a product without thinking about the skin type. Also, since it is annoying to wash your face twice, wipe it off with a cleansing foam, and rub your face with a towel when removing moisture after washing your face. Through this article, you guys can start a semester with cleaned skin if you look back on their spring skincare methods. Moreover, find and implement methods that suit you. This time, I introduced skin care methods suitable for spring. I hope that with this opportunity, students will be able to find care methods suitable for their skin types in each season and protect your skin.
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