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Learn About Metabus Capacity Building for the Fourth Industrial RevolutionIntroduction to Gachon University Metabus New Curriculum and Related Contest
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 Simultaneously, the importance of metaverse, one of the core technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution, has emerged, and Gachon University has opened related courses to develop students' metaverse-related capabilities. First of all, metaverse refers to a three-dimensional virtual world where social, economic, and cultural activities take place just like in the real world. It is characterized by not only enjoying games or virtual reality but also social and cultural activities. The courses offered include metaverse, future social studies, and metaverse blockchain courses in daily life. In this briefing, let's explain the introduction and educational direction of each subject and find out what the Metabus-related contest is at Gachon University.

1. Metabus and Future Society
In the "Metabus and Future Society" course, you will learn about the concept of Metabus, Metabus 2.0, Metabus core IT technology, and Metabus platforms. The lecture will be conducted in a team-teaching manner, and professors of computer engineering, business administration, oriental language literature, and industrial design will participate in teaching while also providing various perspectives on metaverse by major. At the same time, △ Park Ki-joon, CTO of Wijewi Studio, △ Kim Hye-young, professor at Gyewon University, △ CEO of Gmeditech Kim Sun-tae, △ CEO of Joyfun Chung Sang-kwon, will be invited to give a special lecture.
2. "Metabus Blockchain in Life"
In the "Metabus Blockchain in Life" lecture, Metabus and Blockchain, Background of the introduction of NFT, real-life examples, core technologies, and future prospects, along with learning how to utilize each of these will be discussed. The lecture analyzes metaverse, digital twin, blockchain, and NFT from a technical and socioeconomic perspective. In addition, they will learn various platforms of Metabus, Blockchain, and NFT, such as Geppetto, Roblox, Clayton, and OpenC, and invite Metabus experts to listen to the "Sound of the Field."
3. Gachon University Metaverse Content Contest "Meta Gachon Decorates with My Hands"
This is a contest to create Gachon University's buildings, spaces, and symbols in the Metabus. Through the platform, spaces such as Gachon Hall, the infinite sculpture, the ladybug bus, and Lagom is implemented, but there are no restrictions on the platform (Geppetto Buildit, Gettown, Roblox, ZEP Space, etc.) The deadline for applications was Wednesday, May 18, 2022, followed by the announcement of the winners on Thursday, May 26, 2022. Another metaverse contest has not been confirmed after the original contest, but a similar contest will be held in the second semester through student demand surveys and meetings.
4. Gachon University X Metabus shot with Geppetto
In a video posted on March 23, 2022, various spaces at Gachon University were introduced by Avatar while dancing the choreography of "Weekly-After School" through a metaverse platform called Geppetto.
Metabus, which has developed around the content industry, will expand to all industries in the future and will increase its utility value by adding artificial intelligence technology. Therefore, I think it is one of the essential technology themes in future life. Therefore, to strengthen individual capabilities, let's take various metaverse courses opened at Gachon University and pay a lot of attention to the courses opened to show the main character's aspect in the 4th industrial era.


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