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Do You Still Buy It to Use It?Making a unique candle for myself
Choi Seh-min  |  cchloe1006@gmail.com
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Updated : 2022.06.29  17:15:17
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 Don’t you often feel tedium during your repetitive daily routine? Why don’t you go on a trip to experience things that you want to learn about? There is an activity that you can tranform your ordinary day, like just running around in circles, to a unique day. ‘One-day class’ will be the one, that will bring you happiness through trying new hobbies after investing just a couple of hours in a day. Through this article, I would like to introduce the candle one-day class.

Candles have become more popular these days. However, as they are more widely used in our lives, concerns about harmful substances are also increasing. Especially, there was shocking news lately that increased consumers’ concerns about candles. Chloromethylisothiazolinone(CMIT), which had been in humidifier disinfectants with 6,800 official victims over the past 17 years, was detected in the U.S. No. 1 candle brand, ‘Yankee Candle.’ Hazardous substances came from the Yankee Candle Car Air Freshener Line, and some places still sell this product in the United States. Although it was only detected in a few products, the brand's perception has already deteriorated. People have responded that now we "can’t buy candles easily because relief uses it". Candles are used for various purposes in our lives as interior props, to remove bad smells, and sometimes to help us sleep deeply. For the reason I think candles should be more trustworthy. Let's make the world's only natural handmade candles that we can trust!

1.    About Candle Work Room
The candle workroom we visited is the Shin Sisters Workroom, located in Yatap which is near Gachon University. These kinds of lessons are totally private so, reservations can be made through the Shin Sisters WorkroomKakao Talk channel. Classes operate from 10:00 to 21:00 every day. There are various sections a certificate class, a one-day class, a class for kids, and a hobby class, and the class we took was a one-day class. ‘One-day classes’ are one-time workshops that run for a few hours, which is an ideal activity for busy modern people. This makes people constantly experience one-day classes because it is less burdened with the time that makes them able to access various fields every day. In particular, many people visit candle one-day classes because more and more modern people recharge themselves with candles and many users carefully check the ingredients of candles. The price of the one-day class varies depending on the design of the candle that you make, it is around 40,000 won to 50,000 won. You can check our candle designs on the Shin Sisters Workroomblog.
2.     Material Preparation
All supplies are prepared in the workroom, but let's still find out what materials are needed to make natural handmade candles. The design of the candle that I decided to make is a cake and macaron model, both supplies are the same. You need soy filla wax (for cake), soy wax (for cream), mold (cake, macaron, decorations), coloring (solid block dye), chopsticks, paper cups, wick, toothpicks, and fragrance oil. The materials used in general candles are identical, if you ask what the difference between natural candles is, it is wax. The main ingredient of the candle is paraffin, which contains carcinogenic substances. Paraffin, the main ingredient of the candle, is a chemical wax-made by-product of petroleum refinement that contains carcinogens. The candle of the Yankee Candle, the industry standard of candles, is also made of paraffin. Yankee Candlegot approval by the U.S. FDA for safety, but they are not free from toxic substances because paraffin is the main ingredient of the candles. Especially, the toxicity of the candle occurs when the candle is burning the wick, and the safety approval of the Yankee candle is verified when the wick is not burned. For this issue, natural candles are made of soy wax. This soy wax is extracted from soybeans, so you dont need to worry about toxic substances even burning the wick. 
3.    How to make a dessert candle?
<<Candle Cake>>
1. The work of melting Wax
 Place the measured wax in a stainless-steel beaker and melt the was slowly over medium heat.
2. Select the coloring and fragrance oil, and mix them with wax
  Pour the melted wax into a paper cup, and select the color of the cake sheet. Find the same color of cake sheet in the solid block dye box, mix the sliced solid block dye with the melted wax. In the same way of the cake sheet, mix the melted wax and solid block dye as well.
Note: As the melted wax get solid easily, you should immediately mix the sliced solid block dye with the wax. When the wax solidifies, you can melt it by using a torch. 
3. Pouring wax into the mold
-Cake Sheet
 When the desired color comes out, put the paper cup on the electronic scale and add 7.0g of fragrance oil. Mix evenly and pour it into cake sheet model silicone mold.
 Garnish does not need the fragrance oil to be added. Select garnish models, and pour the melted wax into the silicone mold. The teddy bear model garnish required a lot of work, mixing the melted wax with sliced yellow and cream solid block dyes. Pour it into a teddy bear mold and let it solidify. When you check out that the wax is well solidified, paint the eyes and nose with black paint by using the mini brush.
4.Holding wick
 Pierce the center of the cake sheet with a toothpick and stick the wick.
5. Design Task

 Designing a big frame of the cake process is necessary. This step is important because after pouring the cream, which is a glue, it gets solid quickly so you much stick garnishes as fast as possible.
6. Pouring cream on cake
 Place the cake sheet on the wheel like when making an edible cake, pour the cream soy wax gently from the center, and give the final touch using the toothpick.
7. Decoration work
 Place garnish on cake as previously planned. Sprinkles will make the cake even charming. You should perceive that the decorations should glued before the wax gets solid.
<<Macaron candle>>
 The method of making a macaron candle is the same as making candles.  Only the shape of the mold and the amount of fragrance oil are different. 1.3g of fragrance oil is needed for the macaron candles. Until the third step the method is identical, only the usage of cream soy wax is different. To express macaron filling, put the cream soy wax into the pastry bag and squeeze it around the edge of the macaron's coque. The cream is used as glue, after sticking both coque, a cute macaron candle will be completed.
Se-young: The process of making a candle is not easy. I would like to offer this candle as a gift to my acquaintances or use it myself because of a lot of efforts put into making the candle. It is a special experience to be able to make candles with my taste in each composition.
Su-hyun: I was so happy to work with sweet and fragrant scents, but on the other hand, choosing the flowers and grass for candle decoration was tough. Concentrating on one thing that I haven’t done for a long time made me feel proud of myself. Also, what I like the most is I was able to deliver myself through the fragrance and design. So, it was a more meaningful experience.
 The experience of making one of a one-of-a-kind candle with nice people in a workroom filled with gorgeous fragrance will be a refreshing time for modern people living an exhausted life. Handmade candles, which have a special meaning, will be also good to hand out for friends as a unique gift, so I think more and more people will take the candle one-day class. It is a very meaningful experience, finishing high-quality work within a few hours, and it was a valuable time that made me focus on something for the first time in a long time. I was able to put all the worries down for a while. Candle One Day Class can also be taken online through 'Ideas'. I would like to recommend this experience to my readers. Making natural handmade candles that can be used safely will be a meaningful time.
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