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Ukrainians hunting Russians as they leave Kyiv area: Pentagon update Day 36The U.S. says Putin is not getting full information from his advisers
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Updated : 2022.06.30  12:03:30
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 Ukrainians hunting Russians as they leave Kyiv area: Pentagon update Day 36
: The U.S. says Putin is not getting full information from his advisers.

The Pentagon has been providing daily updates on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Ukraine's efforts to resist. 

Here are highlights of what a senior U.S. defense official told reporters Wednesday on Day 36:

Russians being hunted as they withdraw from Kyiv area

The U.S. continues to see 1) roughly 20% of the Russian forces that were 2) arrayed against Kyiv repositioning away from the capital, the official said. And Ukrainian forces are attacking these 3) troops as they withdraw from the area.

"As these forces begin to reposition, the Ukrainians are moving against them," the official said. 

Most of the Russian forces that are repositioning were located to the north and northwest of Kyiv. Most 4) notably, they seem to have abandoned Hostomel airport, which has been a site of intense fighting at various points since the beginning of the invasion.

"We believe that they have 5) very likely abandoned Hostomel airfield," the official said.

 Although some troops are repositioning, 6) long-range strikes on Kyiv continue.

7) "Despite the rhetoric of de-escalation, we're still observing 8) artillery fire and 9) airstrikes in and around Kyiv," the official said.

Shifting focus to Donbas

"This repositioning that they're doing around Kyiv and other places in the north, and this 10) reprioritization on the Donbas, clearly indicates that they know they have failed to take the capital city, that they know they have been under increased pressure elsewhere around the country," the official said.

While Russia might be dedicating more forces to taking control of the Donbas region, 11) the Ukrainians are primed to make it a tough fight.

"The Ukrainians know the territory very, very well. They have a lot of forces still there, and they're absolutely fighting very hard for that area, as they have over the last eight years," the official said. "So just because they're going to prioritize it and put more force there or more energy there doesn't mean it's going to be easy for them. 

Russian ships can hit Donbas

While there are still no signs of any 12) imminent amphibious landings, Russia has several ships in the Black Sea and Sea of Azov that could be used to threaten the Donbas region with cruise missiles, the official said.

Putin not 13) getting full picture from advisers

"Our assessment is that the planning for this war was done with a very small circle of people, and that Mr. Putin's advisers do not count many. And, you know, our assessment is that they have not been completely honest with him about how it's going," the official said.

The official said Russian President Vladimir Putin has 14kept to a "very, very close circle," a leadership style that 15inherently limits access to information.

"I can't 16account for the fact that the people advising him have chosen to 17obstruct certain information or omit certain information. All we can say is we don't believe that he has been getting the full picture," the official said.

Odesa under 18blockade

"We know that the Russians have continued to blockade Odesa," the official said. "So obviously it's having it's having an economic impact there."

Kherson 19contested

"We assess that they're still fighting over Kherson. We know that the Russians are in the city, but we aren't prepared to 20call it for one side or the other at this point. I mean, it had been in Russian control, but the Ukrainians are attempting to retake Kherson, so it's still being fought over," the official said. 

21Bombardment of Mariupol continues

"I don't have an update on the degree to which a 22cease-fire is being applied in Mariupol. What I try to give you is what we've seen, you know, in the last 24 hours since we last talked, and we have continued to see Mariupol will come under airstrikes," the official said.

Published: 2022-04-01
Source: abc News
1roughly:대략,대충cf) Roughly speaking :대략 말하자면
5very likely:매우할 것 같은
6long-range:장기적인cf) long-range missile (장거리 미사일)
    strike:파업,공격(이 글에서는 공격의 의미로 사용됨)

7<Despite the rhetoric of de-escalation,>
* rhetoric :수사법,미사여구
* de-escalation:단계적 축소
<단계적으로 축소한다고 말을 있지만>
9airstrike또는air strike:공습cf) strike :파업,공격
10prioritization:우선순위를 매김cf) prioritize (동사) :우선순위를 매기다
11<the Ukrainians are primed to make it a tough fight.>
*be primed to+동사원형: ---할 준비를 하다, --할 태세를 갖추다.
* tough fight:치열한 전투
<우크라이나인들은 돈바스를 치열한 전투로 만들 준비가 되어 있다.>
     amphibious:수륙 양용으로
cf) amphibious operations :육해 공동 작전
cf)amphibious landing:육해군 공동 상륙작전
13get full picture:전체 그림/큰 그림을 보다
14<Vladimir Putin has kept to a "very, very close circle," a leadership style that inherently limits access to information.>
* keep to: --에서 벗어나지 않다. ---에 집착하다
<블라디미르 푸틴은아주 좁은 모임에 집착해 왔고,생래적으로 정보에 대한 접근 을 제한하는 지도자 스타일이다.>
16)account for:설명하다
19)contest:--을 두고 경합을 벌이다.
<커손을 장악하기 위해 싸우다.>

20)<We aren't prepared to call it for one side or the other at this point>
<지금 시점에서 우리는 그곳(Kherson)을 이편 또는 저편이라고 부를 준비가 되어 있지 않다>
22)cease-fire:사격중지,휴전cf) cease-fire agreement :휴전협정
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