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S. Korea co-sponsors UN Human Rights Council resolution on Ukraine
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Updated : 2022.06.30  12:19:34
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S. Korea co-sponsors UN Human Rights Council resolution on Ukraine
South Korea has co-sponsored a recently adopted 1) UN Human Rights Council resolution on the 2) deteriorating situation in Ukraine 3) stemming from Russia's 4) aggression, an official at Seoul's foreign ministry said Friday.
During a special session in Geneva, Switzerland, on Thursday (local time), the council adopted the resolution 5) calling for an immediate 6) cessation of 7) hostilities against Ukraine and requesting a team of investigators look into 8) alleged abuses in parts of the war-torn country. 
"Our government has expressed serious concerns over reports of human rights 9) violations, including signs of civilian killings within Ukraine, and has maintained that 10) it is important an independent 11) investigation leads to effective accountability," the official said 12) on condition of anonymity. "Based on this position, South Korea co-sponsored the resolution."
Of the 47 council members, 33 countries, including South Korea, 13) voted in favor of the resolution, while China and Eritrea voted against it. A total of 12 countries, including India, Pakistan and Cuba, abstained. (Yonhap)
Published: 2022-05-13
Source: The Korea Herald
1) UN Human Rights Council resolution : 유엔 인권위원회 결의안
2) deteriorate : 악화되다
3) stem from : --에서 비롯되다
4) aggression : 공격
5) call for : 요구하다
6) cessation : 정지, 중지 cf) cease (동사) : 중단하다
7) hostility : 적대감, 적의
8) alleged : (근거없이) 주장하는, --라고 추정되는
   abuse : (권력의) 남용, 학대
9) violation : 침해
10) [it is important an independent investigation leads to effective accountability]
11) accountability : 책임
‘It is important’‘an independent investigation....’ 사이에 접속사 that이 생략된
구문. [독립적인 조사가 효과적인 책임을 가져온다는 점이 중요하다]는 뜻.
12) on condition of : --을 조건으로
     anonymity : 익명
13) vote in favor of : --에 찬성표를 던지다  


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