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A Very Simple Way for a Fresh MorningThe need for morning stretching
Seo jun yeong  |  sjy5878@gachon.ac.kr
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Updated : 2022.09.27  17:10:33
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 Attention college students who are always tired! Even if you don't sleep more than 12 hours, there is a way to refresh yourself enough.

That's the 'morning stretch'. In this Leisure&Health, we will introduce morning stretching and talk about some postures and precautions.

 On chilly days, morning stretching is necessary for our body. This is because it is effective in relaxing the muscles, spine, and joints of the body that have become hardened by sleep and preventing muscle stiffness.

It also relaxes muscles and joints and improves blood circulation in the body. Morning stretching is especially essential for students who sleep on their side or prone to sleep, or who have vertebral joint disease.


Here are four morning stretching exercises.

(Photo source: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Office of Public Communication)


- 1. Hold your knees and shake left and right



1. While lying down, raise your knees and hold them with both hands.

2. Give stimulation by shaking the body from side to side.

3. After repeating 10 times, straighten the legs again.


- 2. Bend your neck backwards



1. Sit cross-legged and straighten your back.

2. Hold both hands behind the head.

3. Bend your neck back and hold it for 5 seconds.

4. Return to the initial position again.

5. Repeat 5 times.


- 3. Bend the neck to the side



1. Sit with your back straight.

2. Hold both hands behind the head.

3. Bend the body sideways and hold it for 5 seconds.

4. Return to the initial position again.

5. Repeat right and left.


- 4. Turn on the stretch



1. Stand with your feet side by side.

2. Interlace both hands and place them above your head.

3. Raise your interlaced hands and straighten them.

4. Hold the posture for 5 seconds with both hands straight.

5. Slowly lower your hands.

6. Repeat 4 times.


  The above postures relax stiff muscles and help blood circulation to welcome a refreshing morning. However, if you stretch too forcefully using recoil or causing pain, a ‘stretch reflex’ occurs in the muscle which can damage or stiffen the muscle.

  In addition, stretching immediately after a meal promotes blood circulation can cause indigestion. Because the blood which necessary for digestion and absorption throughout the body can be used blood circulation.

 Above all, stretching should be done after the body has warmed up, such as drinking warm water after waking up rather than immediately after waking up, so that you can use your muscles smoothly.


 The necessity and effects of morning stretching, as well as some postures and precautions were introduced. Stretching in the morning will relax your stiff muscles so you can start your day with a more flexible and lighter body. In the future, why not try 'stretching for 5 minutes' rather than 'I want to sleep 5 more minutes'?



Articles about morning stretching

1. Kyunghee Hambak Oriental Clinic, Effect of morning stretching exercise


2. Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Public Communication Office, Five-minute stretch to refresh your morning


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