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A Journey to Find Out About MyselfPsychological Consultant of Nelly Park, Park Ji-eun
Ha Se-Young  |  ozllof@naver.com
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Updated : 2022.09.27  18:10:39
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 There's a place for people with innermost worries who cannot open their hearts in a competitive society. Nelly Park is ideal place to put yourself down and talk about your feelings. It gives peace of mind for visitors to overcome the worries such as employment, love, friendship, and career. Let's meet Park Ji-eun, a psychological counselor who supports people to find the right direction for their life.

1. What is the most important trait that psychological counselor must have?
I think interest in people is the most important. It is impossible to endure hard training without sincerity and love for others, because a psychological counselor meets a lot of people. They must be able to give advice based on their heart, curiosity, sympathy, and sincerity.

2. When are the most rewarding moments while working as a psychological counselor?
People who don’t have zest for life often visit the Nelly Park, and it regarded as miracle that they visit for counseling. It is most worthwhile to see they regain their hope and enterprising life after the counseling. I only kept my place so that they could find out their strength, but the big change clearly reveals from their behavior. I’m so proud to see that I can live their life without Nelly Park.
3. May I ask if there were any difficulties in the counseling process?
There are some problems that I can’t solve or help for clients. I feel sorry when I can't provide material and practical solutions. And I must exclude my personal feelings and focus entirely on the client, but it is not easy I am suffering from my problems.
4. Do you have any principles that are important when conducting psychological counseling?
Information about clients should not be disclosed. The second thing is to treat them in state of remembering the importance of one’s soul. Everyone has their own color, subjectivity, and emotion. I try to recognize the person's character and induce them to express their emotions.
5. Can you give advice to students who want to be become a psychological counselor?
It is important to experience a lot of counseling or self-analysis. You should realize the power of the counseling and overcome your own unresolved tasks by writing the affects of counseling. Empathy doesn't mean that you are good at counseling, and the process of becoming a psychological counselor is not simple. So, you should objectively think about whether you are truly ready to devote to one person. In addition, the amount of psychology study is huge and difficult, so I recommend experiencing various meetings and relationships so that you can broaden your mind.
6. Can you say a word to young people who are tired of employment problems?
I want to say, "Life is more about direction rather than speed." Everyone need enough time to think about what job is suitable for them and explore themselves through professional tests or feedback from people around you. I hope that you can choose the pride and achievement through the process, not financial purposes.
7. What is the direction of Nelly Park?
I hope you can find your own color and set yourself free from everything. For example, there are people who feel free by taking a break, and there are people who feel free by constantly developing themselves. Nelly Park will be a park of mind where you can find your own freedom.

 If you go on a way that is similar to others without having enough time to think about yourself, it is difficult to overcome when you encounter difficulties in the process. I hope you have an opportunity to grow yourself up by exploring and being honest about what life you really want. In addition, I hope you maintain a healthy mind by visiting the counselors like Nelly Park for mental illness or concerns that suffering alone.
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