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My life in 'ville rose', France‘Gachon University Kakao Enterprise SW Academy’, where you can get internship opportunities, officially starts in September
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 While majoring in French linguistics at graduate school, I received a scholarship to study abroad. So I went to study in France. I wanted to study psycholinguistics or cognitive linguistics in France because I was interested in applied linguistics that could be applied beyond the realm of humanities. To enter a graduate school in humanities in France, you must find an advisor majoring in research and send an e-mail first to obtain approval. The most famous and active academic professor in this field was at Toulouse University, not Paris. If I want to go to a graduate school in humanities in France, I have to send an e-mail to an adviser of study and get approval. The most famous and active academic professor in this field was at Toulouse University, not Paris. I've never been there, but I've sent all the things I've studied so far, research plans that I want to study in detail, motivation, and DELF to all the advisors and universities I want. When I received an approval reply from my advisor about a month later, I was happy as if I had already graduated. First, I looked for Toulouse on the map and looked for flight transfers and times. When I asked the French, they uniformly answered that it was "the best city to live in France," so I started preparing to study abroad with confidence. Toulouse is the first French city in my life to have a relationship with the professor's approval.
 Toulouse is France's fourth largest city after Paris, Lyon and Marseille, and is the hub of the science and aerospace industry, with Airbus and Aerospace headquarters. Toulouse University is a national university consisting of I University in Social Sciences, II University in Humanities, and III University in Natural Sciences. Founded in the 13th century, it is considered one of the oldest universities in Europe along with the Sorbonne University in Paris. The city is also called "la ville rose" because it is located on the southwestern continent of France and its brick color is rosy due to the nature of the soil. When I first arrived in Toulouse, the rosy city I faced as the plane descended was exotic and felt as if I had arrived in a new world.

 The most impressive and precious memory along with the academic experience of writing a thesis and obtaining a degree during my student life is the time I spent with my French friends. In French, unlike "friends" in Korean, "ami" has a wide range, so it is close to the meaning of acquaintances. The time I spent with landlords and families who shared homes for years, and my classmates who encouraged each other even though they were tired of continuous assignments and exams, and my lab friends who stayed in the lab to write thesis until the weekend and ate lunch and snacks together remain precious assets of my life. Above all, I was able to meet many friends thanks to the gentle, optimistic and open temperament of the southern French.


 In addition, the experience of teaching Korean to French people every weekend at Hangul School in Toulouse while studying abroad is also precious. Korea must be a strange and distant Asian country to them, but they were more interested in Korean culture than I thought. Through such meetings with various people in Toulouse, I seem to have a view of mutual understanding of other cultures. 

▲ Dept of. Interdisciplinary Studies

Prof. BAIK Kyoung-Sun

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