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Grind Club association’s teeth with vexationClub association’s budget reduction and activities in second semester
Seo jun yeong  |  sjy5878@gachon.ac.kr
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 At the "Expansion Steering Committee" held on August 18, the club association received only 3% of the total student membership fee for the second semester. Let's find out how this affects the events held by the club association in the second semester.


Announcement materials of the club association used in the '5th Representative Meeting'. Anyone can find it in the club association's Internet cafe.

 At the "5th Representative Meeting" held on August 15, the Club association said that only 3% of student membership fees were allocated, down 3%p from the previous 6%. As an "Expansion Steering Committee", the reasons for the decrease are that it is a double benefit to receive benefits as a club member despite the low participation rate of club members, falling interest, and promotional benefits provided by colleges and universities.

 The Club Association said, "The club association’s event is for all students in school, and the central club is interested in club activities and is operated systematically through club members." In addition, they said, "Club also has experience in receiving awards for various activities, so club association is necessary on campus," adding, "It is unfair to reduce club association expenses without justifiable reasons."

 Nevertheless, the Expanded Steering Committee, which was decided by a majority vote, had no choice but to watch Club association's budget reduce. Later, at the subcommittee meeting held on August 23, they discussed the necessary countermeasures to explain the opaque use of ‘Unknown Ophthalmic clinic’ promotional costs and to recover the budget needed for the future operation of Club association.
In the case of promotion costs recognized as opaque use, they said "It was used as club association income at the time of the club promotion exhibition in March, not as a student membership fee. And the details of the amount were disclosed in documents such as receipts and bankbooks."

 Asked about the club's stance to overcome budget reduce, Club association said, "Many participation indicators, including a demand survey for sports competitions, are important data, but low participation promoted the budget reduce. I ask you to be interested in events within the club association and participate in big events.'


 Will Club association is able to succeed in their pride? It's still in the fog. As of August 20, when the fifth meeting of representatives was held, “The Club Festival”, which was scheduled to be held at the end of October, was moved to September, but the outline of the content was not revealed. In the meantime, many club members and executives suddenly deleted the QnA chat room without any reason by club association. They cause difficulties in communication between club members and the club association.


Fortunately, the club festival operated a cute concept bar and a haunted house experience program, showing that club association contents are good condition in the planning sector. For such content to be used by many people in the future, more communication and a quick announcement are needed.


 The school members believed the rumors and misrepresented stories surrounding the club association, and the situation in which false information became true was confirmed on an anonymous bulletin board. The focus was on providing information based on the meeting data provided by the club association so that school members could earn the accurate information.
The club association shall make a faster announcement, and the members of the club shall pay active attention to the announcement and events of the club association. This will be the first step in restoring the reduced budget. This year's activities will be key to how the club association's budget will be implemented next year.
 Sadly, until the end of November, all notices are being delivered only in two places: the branch manager and the central club president's chat room. A year has passed without even knowing who or how many people work in the club association.

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