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The University of Washington
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  Gachon University Global campus and the University of Washington set up a sisterhood relationship in order to have an exchange student program.
  The University of Washington was first founded in 1861 from a semi-state University but quickly grew when Washington was turned in to an official State of America. Since then it has become the biggest researching facility in the northwest region of America. The University of Washington consists of college and graduate schools and is well known for its departments of law, education, information, pharmacy, environment, medical, dental, nursing, and engineering 
;of Washington offers masters and doctor's degrees in about 140 different majors and is well known for its medical, computer science, and bio engineering departments as well. The medical center is known to be one of America's top 10 hospitals according to News Magazine.
  The University of Washington grows bigger and bigger thanks to the alumni's contributions, which are used as scholarships and research funds. In addition, they have produced 12 Nobel Prize winners, 2 Pulitzer Prize winners and 1 Fields Prize winner. This shows the quality and prestige that the university offers.
  The University of Washington is located in Seattle, the city known to everyone from the movie "Sleepless in Seattle." They have a lot of wonderful places, so it is also nice for sightseeing. There is the Space Needle, where you can see Seattle's complete view, and Broadway where we can enjoy a variety of culture such as musicals, operas, or movies.

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