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 Hello, my name is Hwang Nahee and I am majoring in pharmacy at Gachon University. I participated in the 2022 Summer HAWAII-elitecourse. What I felt the most while studying the field of pharmacy was the importance of national academic exchange. I realized that treating diseases is not a problem of a particular country, but of mankind. Therefore, to be a good pharmacist, I decided to participate in the program to improve my language skills and a broad perspective from my three weeks in Hawaii.

 Hawaii didn't even allow me to be disappointed when I went there with great ambitions. Nature that is as beautiful as my imagination, kind people, and many things to enjoy made Hawaii more beautiful than I had imagined. I experienced a lot of "first" in Hawaii where everyone was relaxed and had positive energy. My first surfing in Hawaii, called surfers' paradise, allowed me to enjoy the ocean 200 percent although I was afraid of the deep water. It is an island where various cultures coexist, so there were so many different foods, but I ate unfamiliar foods without hesitation. In Korea, I thought I was a person who only wanted to develop things that I already knew I was good at, but I was able to discover a “new” me as a courageous challenger in Hawaii.

 The reason why I tried everything I could in Hawaii so boldly was because I wanted to fully immerse myself in the culture for a short period of three weeks. As a result, my English ability naturally improved. Since I was young, I have read a lot of English books and studied a lot of exam English to go to school to achieve my dream of becoming a pharmacist, but I didn't have many opportunities to speak English out loud. However, in Hawaii, I learned useful idioms and real-life expressions at IMPAC every day. And while having a small talk with the instructor Dezh, I was able to complete the knowledge that I had gained only in my head. Especially, communicating assignment with local people created an unexpected, good relationship. On my way down the mountain after trekking, I could hear many stories about family who came on a trip from Florida and could informed them about Korea. Also, I taught Korean to clothing store staff, and became SNS friends. When I returned to Korea after a three-week course, I got a funny talking habit with combined English and Korean for a while, but it means English became a language that is comfortable to speak to me.
 In Hawaii, rather than creating many new strengths, I came to know the strengths that I originally had. Even now, when I write this article, I can confidently share my experience in English. What people who experience and improve with turning points in their lives have in common is that they don't have such opportunities only, but they boldly get the opportunities given to everyone. Therefore, if you are a student at Gachon University, please take this opportunity to participate in the Hawaii program and find yourself as wonderful as the natural scenery in a new space “Hawaii”, which is difficult to experience once in a lifetime.

▲ Dept of. Pharmaceutical Sciences



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