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Are You a Carrot?The developer of Carrot Market search service, Cho Yongjin.
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Updated : 2023.03.15  23:30:59
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 Have you ever used a service called Carrot Market to buy or sell used goods? If you search for what you want in the app, you can see several posts selling things you may want in your neighborhood. The search function of Carrot Market is a service developed by Cho Yong-jin, a graduate of Gachon University, who participated from the beginning of Carrot Market. In addition, Cho Yong-jin runs a community that connects office workers and students. Let's check out Cho Yongjin's interview in this article.

1. What is the job of developing search services and what is the most important point?

Search development is the identification of a user's query and the delivery of valuable information to the user. Search is a function used by users who have a purpose, so results that can solve the purpose should be produced. However, this is only the most basic role of search. In the past, search in applications was just a function, but recently we have had to think of it as a keyword-specific service. Each keyword has a different purpose that the user wants, and the service must suggest to the user various ways to solve their purpose.

2. Why did you focus on developing search services?

The reason why I focus on developing search services is that I will challenge startups again next time, and when I thought about what would be the most helpful thing then, I thought that the search field would definitely help the next startup. Search is the act of finding what the user wants. The most fundamental part of a business is to address the needs of its users.

3. What kind of difficulties did you face as MAU grew bigger and bigger compared to the beginning? And how did you overcome it?

I had to grow. But CarrotMarket was more difficult, and the company grew faster than I could and it was very difficult to keep up. The size of the company changes, and the culture changes little by little. The problems that I have to solve also change little by little. And we need to solve it in more depth. As a result, the required expertise is further enhanced. The most helpful thing was to become a team and have a team member, and the team members worked together and made room for me to grow. So the way to overcome it is just to learn a lot of time and get on with your work. I was growing up on my own, staying up all night, blaming myself a lot, failing, and receiving bad feedback. There are two best ways to overcome it, and the first is to ask for help. The second is to invest time face-to-face, not avoid problems.

4. You have joined a startup company twice, why did you decide to join a small startup, and why did you decide to join ‘Carrot Market’ as the second company?

The first company, ‘Everyone's Campus’, went out of business, and I felt so sorry for the incompetence I felt there that I wanted to go to an environment where there was a senior of a company in the same context as this company. On the one hand, I wanted to aim for a mid-sized IT company or more like everyone else, but the mistakes I made on ‘Everyone's Campus’ remained in my mind and I decided to go to the next stage of ‘Everyone's Campus’ in the start-up industry. And I decided to make up for the humiliation I experienced on ‘Everyone's Campus’ someday. And now I'm creating opportunities to leave the ‘Carrot Market’ someday and take on new challenges.

5. What would you like to say to job seekers who want to get a job at an IT company?

They need to prepare their surroundings first. Fill your surroundings with people who are targeting IT companies and meet people who work for companies you want to go to. And when you ask people, "How do I get into that company?" they're going to give you the answer that's kind of close to the answer. And you shouldn't do useless things other than dating on the weekend. And at that time, you have to do career-building activities. You should invest in building a career in the remaining time after you get a job. Playing is only allowed while building a career. If you have a vacation left after working hard, you can take a vacation and play.

6. Why do you run the IT Career Development Community of Gachon University?

Of course, there were a lot of things that happened before, but the biggest reason was that other college friends I met during the extracurricular activities offered career counseling to senior college graduates at their schools, but we still had a mystery about our careers because we did it to the professor or just in the upper grades. At that time, I taught my juniors in the club of the same school with the idea of "I don't want to be like a person who is good but doesn't help the school." The meeting was expanded into a bigger one, not just the juniors I was teaching. When juniors who I couldn't handle on my own gathered, I started to ask for help from people from the same school, and I decided to participate with the vision of fostering younger students. What I didn't realize until I became an office worker was that it's not that they don't help schools, they really don't have a way, and somehow I was the one who had that way. And so this group grew rapidly and had a gravity that gathered people. It's going to get bigger.

 Through an interview with Cho Yong-jin, who has experienced a rapidly growing company since the beginning of the carrot market, we were able to see the growth of startups and also learned about the development of search services. We were also able to learn about community management, and I hope that people who want to get a job at it will get help after reading this article.

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