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The Current Emotion Can’t Be ForeverThe contagiousness of emotions
Lee Hae-Jin  |  huckey@gachon.ac.kr
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Updated : 2023.03.16  21:27:13
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 In November 2022, I was depressed while other people were enjoying the mood of the end of the year. It was because I knew my friend had been subjected to family violence. She has been abused, hit, and was discriminated against compared to other siblings by her drunken parents. When she texted me a long letter that it was hard to hold out any longer, my heart felt like it was sinking. I wanted to help her to escape from that environment but I had no idea how, and I was also infected with her anxiety and depression. During the week that my friend promised me to live more, I wanted to do something for her. So I bought her some meals and desserts and told her about my small things in daily life every day. As a result, she told me that she would like to live more thanks to me. After I heard her saying, I relaxed only then and I am contacting her now.
 I have heard that every emotion is contagious. Actually, I believed in the contagiousness of negative emotion, but I couldn’t find the case of the contagiousness of positive emotion easily. It’s because I have many experiences when my friend tells me about annoying or sad happening, and I also become sad immediately. However, I believe now that positive emotion is also contagious through conversation with my friend. From now, I am going to become a person who can convey happiness and laughter to people around me. Also, I hope people around me can live with laughing happily without my conveying. If there is someone depressed around you, how about sharing your happiness? 
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