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Seoul, Dreaming of a Smoke Free EnvironmentSeoul declares no-smoking zone in public areas. What about us?
Lim sungkyu  |  lsk5350@nate.com
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Updated : 2011.09.09  18:10:32
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Seoul, Dreaming of a Smoke Free Environment
 Seoul declares no-smoking zone in public areas. What about us?
  In this photo essay we chose a very sensitive and popular issue. Seoul has declared Chung Gae Plaza, Seoul Plaza, and Kwangha Gate Plaza as no-smoking zones after a 3 month of trial period                           from March 1st to June 1st, 2011.
The first location: Seoul Square
Citizens are relaxing in Seoul Square.
Citizens are walking through Seoul Square. There is no one smoking.
 In front of Seoul Square, guards are on the watch for smokers.
  If someone is caught smoking, and then the guard imposes a fine of 100,000won.
A guard is on the look out to see if anyone is smoking.
  The second location: Gwanghwamun Square
Also, there is a flag that says that this place is a no-smoking zone.
 Citizens are sitting on a bench relaxing, and there is not a single cigarette butt, ash, or wisp of smoke that can be detected.
 The sign shows the location of no-smoking zones.
The third location: Cheonggye Square
 Cheonggye Square is located among many buildings.
Some people are walking along the pathway, and others are enjoying puttiing their feet in the water.
 People look to be very relaxed in the picture. As you can see       from the pictures, no trace of smoking can be found. Citizens are just      having a good time. The city of Seoul has plans to expand no-smoking zones, which include 3 more squares; starting      from September Seoul plans to declare parks within the city as no-smoking zones as well as sidewalks within the road and bus stop spots in December. This topic has become the talk of the town.
  There are of course the smokers who are against some of the new regulations that may be put in place.                           Limiting smoking areas may seem a bit unpleasant to them. But, when we consider the well being of citizens, smoking definitely disturbs their ability to relax.
  How about at our university? Are there ‘no-smoking zones’? Are there many places to take a break, and talk to each other without being bothered by second-hand-smoke??
 Here is the bridge connectiing Origianliy Hall and Vision Tower.
   A lot of students walk across this bridge. There was even a sign that say ‘No Smoking'
 But, in front of the sign we can see a lot of cigarette buds. How shocking!!
 One month later, the sign was removed!
I went back the next month and noticed that the sign was removed. I think the sign was removed because it had no impact. But doesn’t that seem odd? Why would school officials move the sign, when they can simply remove the ashtray placed right underneath the sign. Is the right to smoke more important than              having no-smoking zones?
 Cigarette butts littering the floor are the only eyesores on campus.
 There are the benches in Freedom Square.
   In the middle of the benches there are ashtrays. Why can’t students be free of smoke in the resting area?
 Here are benches beside the library and the cafeteria.
 The benches are facing the same situation.
 The sign says that it is a no-smoking zone, but it has no effect.

 Since smoking is prohibited inside the building, window do not open all the way.

Smoking is so addicting that it’s hard to quit. So, smoking has always been a hot and controversial issue. There are many people who argue about smoking issues. are there any solutions?
 At the Sejong Hall, smoking zones and no-smoking zones are separated.
  Other buildings should follow in the footsteps of Sejong Hall. This will help others     from being affected by second hand smoke. The policy of Seoul has made a great impact.
  Since our University is located in the capital district, we are influenced by Seoul’s actions
I think we need to follow in the footsteps of Seoul. The scenes I witnessed at Cheonggye/Gwanghwamun/Seoul Square were not just citizens, but people who were relaxing peacefully.I hope these scenes will spread throughout our university. What should we do to make this all possible for our University?
  First, the University should separate smoking and no-smoking zones, and school officials should really be strict about enforcing that policy.
  Second, we need to follow these policies and obey them. I think if we follow these two simple steps then we can      create a more beautiful and happier environment on our campus!


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