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Increasing Early and Regular Admission Applications of Gachon University in 2024.Gachon University focuses on the High-Tech Industry.
Kim Si-On  |  6788zion@gmail.com
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 Gachon University's early and regular admission applicants continue to show an increasing trend. As of early admission in 2024, Gachon University had the second most applicants in Korea with 76,264 applicants, which is 28.9% more than last year. On the other hand, with a total of 11,033 applicants and an average competition rate of 7.1:1, the applicants and competition rate of 2024 regular admission has increased. This article will review the overall increase in applicants and the factors that may have affected this phenomenon.
Awarded Grade S in University Innovation Performance
 Gachon University got an S grade, the highest grade in the educational innovation field of the ‘2023 University Innovation Support Project 1st Annual Evaluation'. As a result, secured a total of 12.68 billion won funds as University Innovation Support Project funds. University Innovation Support Project is a project that funds universities for autonomous innovation conducted by the Ministry of Education. The first annual evaluation was based on three categories, Education Innovation strategy, Core Education Performance, and Own Performance Management, and universities were given grades S, A, B, and C, accordingly. The S grade determination means that Gachon University's innovation program is specific and promotes development. In addition, a significant amount of support funds provides the power to promote various on-campus projects.
Establishment of Semiconductor College.
 Gachon University has been trying to recruit experts in the semiconductor field, since the establishment of Semiconductor Display Major in 2021. Especially in 2024, Semiconductor College was promoted as an independent college. The new semiconductor college consists of the Department of Semiconductor and Electronic Engineering (Electronic Engineering Major, Semiconductor Engineering Major, Next-Generation Semiconductor Design Major), Semiconductor Display Department, and Semiconductor Design Department. The total admission quota is 330 stuents. With an experience-oriented curriculum and passional faculty members, the semiconductor college aims to cultivate practical talent and strengthen technological foundation and innovation in the semiconductor industry.
High-Tech Industry Department Quota Increased by 150 Students, Ranking First Among Private Universities
 As a result of the 2024 general university high-tech quota allocation by the Ministry of Education, Gachon University increased its quotas to 150 students. It is the second largest quota increase quotas behind Seoul National University among metropolitan universities and ranks first among private universities. The quotas of the Department of BioLogics in the field of innovative new drugs, the Department of Finance and Big Data, and the Department of Chemical, Life, and Battery Engineering in the field of new energy materials each increased by 50 people. This year's increase in metropolitan university quotas is the first since the 2000s, showing the Ministry of Education's intent on nurturing talent in High-Tech fields.
The ‘Cloud Engineering’ Contract Department Established for the First Time in Korea
 In 2024, Gachon University was the first to establish a 'Cloud Engineering' contract department with Kakao Enterprise. The 'Cloud Engineering' contract department provides full scholarships for its students and prerequisite priority hiring at Kakao Enterprise after graduation. With these benefits, this year's competition rate was as high as 135 applicants for each quota. Cloud experts at Kakao Enterprise joined this project as professors and aim to cultivate cloud talent tailored to corporate needs and field conditions.
 Gachon University's reorganization in the high-tech industry attracted more applicants by implementing several initiatives, such as establishing a semiconductor college, increasing quotas for the high-tech industry department by 150, and creating a 'cloud engineering' contract department. In addition, securing funding through the university's innovation performance and S-grade evaluation suggests that Gachon University is moving in a better direction. With the freshmen joining in 2024, the 'development' of Gachon University is expected.
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