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Seeing Beyond Sight, 'Dialogue in the Dark'A Unique Exhibition Offering New Perspectives and Communication in Darkness
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 Vision is considered one of the most crucial senses for perceiving the world. However, at times, exploring new insights can be achieved through senses other than sight. Exhibitions that provide unique experiences utilizing various senses are gaining popularity in Korea. Among them, ' Dialogue in the Dark' offers a special time of reliance, cooperation, and experiencing senses beyond vision.

 ‘Dialogue in the Dark' originated in Germany in 1988 as an international exhibition project. It is currently held in over 160 locations worldwide, each with its unique content. In Korea, it can be experienced in Bukchon and Dongtan, with admission fees of 33,000 won for adults and 22,000 won for teenagers. This exhibition is extraordinary in the sense that participants, guided by a Roadmaster in complete darkness, experience sensory perceptions other than vision for 100 minutes. It maximizes sensory experiences in the dark, challenging our reliance on sight and expanding our perspectives through other senses.


Journalist's Experience
 The author experienced 'Dialogue in the Dark' at the Bukchon. Tension built as the exhibition began, entering near pitch black darkness was an experience they had never encountered before. Walking in the dark was initially intimidating, but with time, adaptation set in. Engaging in conversations with others during the exhibition was an intriguing aspect. Speaking with strangers in the dark turned out to be more comfortable and meeting them later revealed unexpected appearances. Through this, the author realized the tendency to judge people based on visual elements. Another experience involved using the sense of taste, where the author was shocked to find that familiar beverages could not be distinguished in the dark. This highlighted the significant impact of vision on other senses.
Below is the journalist's detailed review of the exhibition.
Kim Zion (Psychology major, Sophomore)
 The conventional way of appreciating and experiencing exhibitions is usually based on vision. However, ' Dialogue in the Dark' provided an opportunity to immerse oneself in aspects of life that people don't normally consider, relying on other senses besides vision. Due to its unique aspect of relying on senses other than vision while in a state of visual deprivation, I had researched numerous reviews and feedback before visiting the exhibition. However, the experience was genuinely novel, unique, and resonant, allowing me to feel more deeply than anticipated. In complete darkness where not even an afterimage was visible, fear initially dominated. However, as I became accustomed to the darkness and began to trust the Roadmaster's guiding voice, the darkness strangely felt comforting. The exhibition allowed me to momentarily escape the visually overwhelming modern world, focusing solely on other senses. Perhaps due to this, the 100-minute exhibition felt like 30 minutes. To those seeking an unconventional and unique exhibition, I sincerely recommend 'Dialogue in the Dark.'


 'Dialogue in the Dark' serves as a unique exhibition that challenges our visual experiences in modern society. It reminds us of the importance of various senses and communication that we often overlook. Through sharing and understanding different experiences, it encourages the formation of broader perspectives and richer human relationships. I recommend this exhibition to fellow students who seek to explore a broader world beyond visual experiences and to vicariously overcome challenges through the power of mutual reliance.


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