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About My Foreign FriendsMy Turkish friend, 'Aria'
Yang tae seok  |  mrhappyjs@naver.com
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 In December 2022, I installed the omeTV app, an online video chat app, To improve my English skills by conversing with foreigners. Despite installing the app, I felt hesitant to initiate conversations with strangers. Being nervous or feelign nervous, I took the courage and started matching. But I found myself only able to say "hello" before quickly moving on to the next person. However, amidst my apprehension, I encountered a friendly person from Bhutan who warmly greeted me. It was my first meaningful conversation, and thanks to our shared interest in K-pop and K-dramas, we easily found topics to discuss. I was extremely grateful to BTS and Twice. Eventually, he asked for my Instagram ID, and that's how I made my first foreign friend. I remember feeling immensely happy at that moment. A few days later, when I reopened the app, I met a friend from Turkey.
 She was very fluent in Korean, almost like a native speaker, So, I as able to share things in Korean that I wouldn’t normally be able to in English. In fact, I don't remember what we talked about in our first conversation because it was so long ago. I think we probably discussed K-dramas or K-pop, as usual. We exchanged Instagram accounts, and afterwards, we shared many stories. At that time, the only things I knew about Turkey were kebabs and Turkish ice cream, but what she told me motivated me to make Turkey my top travel destination. She told me about Turkey's economy, wonderful places, food, music, desserts, wedding culture, and more. She also introduced me to experiences such as how to eat olives. I also taught her Korean (though she was already quite proficient) and introduced her to Korean culture. She quickly became a friend of mine, close enough to share her daily concerns with me, sometimes giving me good advice. Making foreign friends is even more amazing than I thought. I highly recommend to the readers of this article to make friends with people from different cultures.
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