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  Specifically designed for English learning, http://australianetwork.com/learningenglish/ is part of the official website of the Australia Network, which is a satellite television service operated by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Targeting the audiences in the Asian-Pacific area, the website is created to help students of the English language while the channel also broadcasts English language programs.
  On the right side of the page, you can see the menu that is organized into five sections: 1) Passport to English, 2) Nexus, 3) English Bites, 4) The Business of English, 5) Study English, and 6) Living English.
  Passport to English is an IELTS speaking test preparation section with its practice video, which will help you experience an IELTS speaking interview. You can see the video of three students, Lester, Sujatha, and Astari, who sit for a simulation of the speaking tests, and you can get the tips for the test as well. Video files, transcripts, and notes are all available for download.
  In Nexus, you can see the clips on various episodes of Australian life. It allows you to learn about Australian people and culture while you can improve your English skills as well. You can choose past episodes in Episodes, and more than hundreds of episodes are available in the Archive. You can read and print the transcripts and notes, too.
  English Bites provides you series and episodes of short video clips with transcripts, which help you improve your English and can be enjoyed as well. You can watch clips and practice listening using transcripts, and keywords pop up onscreen for emphasis while you watch.
  In The Business of English, you can practice English vocabulary and expressions actually used in business situations via clips and transcripts. Currently 15 episodes are available and you will learn language for meetings, presentations, and negotiations, etc.
  Study English is a section for IELTS test preparation that allows you to read and listen to authentic material that was on air, and you can also try to practice activities as well as getting tips for the test. Finally, in Living English, you can enjoy a drama, “Brothers and Sisters.” Each episode is presented with its transcripts, and you can practice your English skills while enjoying the drama.

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