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Caffeine, which makes our body sickThe reality, severity and alternative methods of caffeine addiction
CHOI Hyun Jin  |  ann528@hanmail.net
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Updated : 2013.03.04  17:16:20
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Pic 1-1 (Coffee drinkers at cafe)
How much caffeine do you consume daily?

Pic 1-2 (Students in the library with Hot Six (Caffeine drink))

Pic 1-3(Taking out a can of Hot Six from a vending machine)
We depend on more caffeine than we expect.

Pic 2-1.(Feeling dizzy because of Caffeine)

Pic 2-2(Insomnia)

Pic 2-3(Dehydration –Drinking water)
Excessive caffeine intake can lead to serious consequences. For instance, people can become sensitive; suffer insomnia, get sick, have high blood pressure, and become dehydrated.
<Measures and Conclusion>

Pic 3-1 Sleeping to overcome fatigue.

Pic 3-2 Tea pictures (Recommendation of tea, caffeine-free and stability inducing)
It is wrong to depend on caffeine for abating fatigue.
How about resting in a healthy way rather than consuming caffeine.

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