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How to be a smart Gachon studentUse Gachon University-related websites that have lots of useful information
Kim Dan-Bee  |  o_o1678@naver.com
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  University students have to search for information on their own. But it's not easy to pick the data you want amongst over ten thousands of pieces of information. So students sometimes miss the information that they truly need because they don’t know how to search information effectively. But in our school, there are many websites that provide useful information to students. The handy websites that Gachon University students can use are the official school website, the Cyworld club of the student council, the GARAM ZONE, and the club of the used bookstore. Let me introduce these websites and the ways to utilize them in full.
irst, the official website of Gachon University is operated by the school so there are various pieces or accurate information. Students can get the information about general school life like educational administration and news of events, and students can check their personal class materials, class announcements, grades, and timetables. Also, at the announcement page, students can get information about finding jobs, scholarships, contests and recruitment of useful programs that’s happening in the school. Therefore, students must have a good habit of checking the official website regularly. 
  Second is the Cyworld club managed by the student council. Every student of Gachon University can join and they can get more information about job postings than from the official website. Students can check discount benefits and events that are run by the student council. Also there is a bulletin board that students can propose their suggestions, post inquiries, and eagerly share their opinions. 
  Third is the students’ community website, the GARAM ZONE. It is a space only for Gachon University students, managed by the student council. Unlike other websites, the GARAM ZONE is where students can interact with each other. They can share information by gathering members for study groups and sharing information on courses and professors.
  Last is the club of the used book store. When the new semester begins, students have an economic burden because of the high price of textbooks. But using the club of the used book store, students can buy and sell used books at affordable prices. In addition to these websites, there are many websites such as the Facebook page of the Gachon University Student Council and Gachon University gallery.
  We are living in the age in which information becomes a competitive power of our own, and these websites from which students can get information could also be called Treasure Boxes. Although students can get a bunch of information, the degree of student’s interest and website utilization is very low. The GARAM ZONE is a typical example of a website that cannot be fully activated because of insufficient student participation. It constantly advertises itself, expecting huge participation of students. In order to keep these useful websites continuously operating, our interest and participation are crucial. I wish you will be a smart Gachon University student, who utilizes the needed information 100% by using the websites mentioned above.

"The official website": http://www.gachon.ac.kr
"The Cyworld club of student council": http://club.cyworld.com/ClubV1/Home.cy/51908988

"The GARAM ZONE": http://www.garamzone.com
"The club of used bookstore": http://club.cyworld.com/kwobs

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