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  The new semester of 2013 has begun. Some students want to enjoy the campus life but others might like to study hard. However, it is not easy for students to study difficult majors and English conversation by themselves. So students make a plan to participate in education programs outside school or go to academic institutes for help. But if you look closely at the inside of the school, you might regret it. There are various in-school programs that can help students improve their academic performances. Those programs are not for the freshman only but the senior students have not known about them so far! So let’s check it out!
  There are in-school programs for major study, English speaking, and English study that you can participate in. First, the Learning Cell program is associated with major studies. It is divided into F-Cell, T-Cell, and S-Cell. ‘F-Cell’ represents ‘Cell for Foreign students,’ a program in which a Korean student(Tutor) helps foreign students(Tutee) to study the major more easily. They meet once a week, a total of 9 times per semester, and the main courses are Biology, Mathematics, Physics, and Principles of International Business.

  ‘T-Cell’ represents ‘Cell for Tutoring,’ which is the collaborative learning program among Korean students. A tutor who knows well about his or her major, basic learning, cultural studies, and language helps a Korean tutee. In the case of T-Cell, tutees have an advising professor and have regular meetings. Therefore, they could get more professional knowledge from their adviser’s advice and teaching.
  The last one is ‘S-Cell,’ which represents ‘Cell for Studying.’ It is a program in which 3 to 5 senior and junior students gather for a regular course of study, such as extensive study, preparation for competition and certification and so on. Like T-Cell, students can also get professional advice from academic advisers to improve their ability. 
  There are qualifications required to apply for the Learning Cell program. First, applicants should get above an ‘A’ grade, Second, applicants need recommendation letters from his or her professor, and need to submit the file to prove it. All of the Cell programs support a tutoring fee, and both tutor and tutee receive certificates. At the end of each semester, there is an award for the most outstanding Cells.

  Second, there is a Global Zone English conversation program (with foreign lecturers), a mentoring system, and group study for English education. The Global Zone English conversation program is a lecture with native speaker instructors, intending to improve student’s English conversation skills. The lecture opens 4 times a year, not only during the semester but also during vacations. Each group is composed of 3 to 6 people, because this program has the object of students participating in intensive education. The class meets for 3 hours a week, 7 weeks in total. 

  Next is the mentoring system. This program is comprised of 1 mentor and 3 to 4 mentees. A mentor with a good TOEIC score and conversation skill teaches mentees their own knowhow. Mentor and mentees meet autonomously during the semester. There are no qualifications required to become a mentor, and any students who are particularly confident in English could apply for the position. Each group could receive a place and study material, and the best mentoring group is selected and recognized at the end of the semester.
  As such, we have checked the various programs that we can participate in school. Now let’s check how to join each program. First, Learning Cell receives individual applications and group applications. Students who want to apply should fill in the individual application form. Applicants submit their forms to Saerom Hall, Room 207, Center of Teaching and Learning. You can call the help desk in the Global Zone to ask for information about the Global Zone English conversation program. You can also inquire about applications for other programs at the International Language Center.
  There are lots of programs we can participate in at our school. Although you can’t apply for this semester, you don’t need to feel sorry too much. The programs are open every semester, and I hope that many students get satisfactory results through these programs.

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