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Memories and laughter, fall into the impressive space of a comic shopThe play ‘MI-SUK at the Comics Shop’
CHOI Da-eun  |  cde0405@naver.com
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oday, comic shops are gradually disappearing. Do you have any memories in a comic shop? After webtoons and PC rooms became popularized, the comic shops have been steadily losing their place. Even a decade ago, comic shops used to be filled afterschool with kids who didn’t realize time was flying by---that was when daytime TV wasn’t generalized. For us, however, the comic shop is a place you’ve only heard of and haven’t experienced. If you want to meet the comic shop generation that your parents feel familiar with, I recommend the play ‘MI-SUK at the Comics Shop’. If you go and watch with your parents, it might help you bond with them. 
  Kang-Eokbae is the owner of the comic shop who raises three children. They are the eldest son Mi-won who just realized his gender identity, the eldest daughter Mi-suk who enjoys watching comic books the most and the youngest Mi-so who dreams of becoming a drama writer. The comic shop faces an economic difficulty due to PC rooms and billiards rooms. Then one day, Kang Eokbae declares that the first person who gets married will inherit the comic shop. This suggestion includes Kang himself and Ms. Jo who are enjoying the love in later years. 
  Meanwhile, Mi-suk’s birthday is February 29th, which comes every four years. She invites people who have the same birthday as her. This is the watching point! Invited guests sing a birthday song and set off firecrackers together. She is a good girl who has not even once blamed her parents for having a birthday cake only once in four years and having her give up language study abroad and college for the family. She just anticipated her boyfriend’s proposal at her birthday party but instead he broke up with her. She thought that it was a surprise event and it was all part of the plan. However she found out later that her boyfriend broke up with her for real, and she attempts to kill herself to get a second chance with her boyfriend. However, they didn’t get back together and she meets a new love interest in Ki-Chan.
  All of sudden, the comic shop fell into danger because of the city redevelopment plan. Kang-Eokbae was hospitalized due to stomach cancer. Three children get money from a loan shark for their father’s surgery and they get part time jobs to repay the debt but it couldn’t last long. While all that was happening, Ki-chan thinks of an idea to restart the comic shop business again. He assigned a role to all three children; Mi-won was in charge of providing food for customers and it was perfect for him as he dreamed of being a chef. Mi-so was in charge of marketing and PR and Mi-suk was in charge of total management. They made a video to promote the comic shop and made various events. As a result they successfully attracted people and the economic situation gradually got better. Kang thanked his children for all their efforts after he was discharged from the hospital
  When the play is closing, it is very touching to see the children’s love for their father as well as his love for them. The comics shop is run by Mi-suk along with Mi-Won, Mi-so, Ms. JO and Ki-chan.
Originally ‘MI-SUK at the Comics Shop’ was a widely known musical. A private theater group, New Company created it in 2007 and it was the first musical created by a Daegu-based company. It also set a record of being staged in Seoul for a long time as a local musical. It caused the movement for local musical to be recognized and spotlighted, and the musical was awarded creative musical theater awards. Then it was invited to perform in Shanghai, Soju, and Musuk in China and was recognized for its cinematic quality. Then Theater Haeoreum rewrote it into a play and produced the play ‘MI-SUK at the Comics Shop’ in April 2013 to appeal to a wider audience. Now, it’ll carry on its record as a play, not a musical.
  ‘MI-SUK at the Comics Shop,’ set in a comics shop in Daehakro, awakens the importance of family. It also embraces all the joys and sorrow in life. While they are trying to rescue the comics shop, the Kang family presents emotions of love, strong feelings and fun--- they make us weep and laugh all at the same time. When they perform Mi-suk’s birthday party, the audience can participate and even get prizes when they solve some quizzes. In addition, free admission is available for those who bring twenty comic books or martial arts novel. 
  ‘MI-SUK at the Comics Shop’ has been in the Hyehwa Haeoreum Theater since April 5th at. Why don’t you go and see it with your lover, friends or your parents?

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