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Great pleasure in sharing.The love we can practice through small things.
KIM Min-sun  |  dajung0332@naver.com
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Pic 1(planner or picture of busy daily lives)
  After we got into college, haven’t we been neglecting community service even though we wanted to help, because of our busy schedule? Now, let’s look around and find ways to share all the love we have received.
  Small acts of our support can mean a lot for those who need care and love.
Pic 2-1(a picture of a person donating blood)
Pic 2-2(a picture of a person donating)
Pic 2-3(a picture of a person supporting children.)
  We can also find group services we can join.
  If we do this with our friends, it can mean more and bring more positive results. Moreover, we can participate in tutoring and assisting the disabled and the old in community centers.
  Another good way to do community service is to participate in volunteering clubs in school.
Pic3-1 (Service activities for visually handicapped persons .)
  I hope that we can be college students who pay enough attention to those who are in need of our care and share our love.
  If we pay closer attention, there are many ways we can share our love.

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