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Japan and South Korea Bar Imports of U.S. WheatInternational
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Updated : 2013.08.16  20:17:30
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apan and South Korea [1]suspended some imports of American wheat, and the European Union urged its 27 nations to increase testing, after the United States government [2]disclosed this week that [3]a strain of [4]genetically engineered wheat that was never approved for sale was found growing in an Oregon field.
  Although none of the wheat, developed by Monsanto Company, was found in any [5]grain shipments — and [6]the Department of Agriculture said there would be no health risk if any was shipped — governments in Asia and Europe acted quickly to [7]limit their risk.
  South Korea, which last year [8]purchased roughly half of its total wheat imports of five million tons from the United States, said Friday it would suspend purchases until tests were performed on arriving shipments. Results of the tests, by [9]the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, were expected in the first week of June, [10]according to local media.
  Seoul also raised [11]quarantine measures on wheat for [12]livestock feed, while Thailand [13]put ports on alert.
  The European Union, which has a [14]“zero tolerance” approach to [15]genetically modified crops, said through its [16]consumer protection office Friday that if any shipments tested positive, they would not be sold.
  It also said it was seeking “further information and [17]reassurance” from Washington and had asked Monsanto for help in developing a [18]reliable test for the genetically modified strain.
  The United States is the world’s biggest [19]exporter of wheat. While [20]genetically engineered corn and soybeans are routinely grown, they are largely consumed by animals, while wheat is consumed directly by people and has [21]faced more consumer [22]resistance.
  The strain of wheat was developed by Monsanto to resist its [23]Roundup herbicide, but the company ended its field trials in 2004. How it came to be growing in Oregon was not clear.
  Japan and Mexico are among the biggest importers of American wheat. The European Union imports more than one million tons each year, mostly to Spain.

[1]suspend: 보류하다
[2]disclose: 공개하다, 발표하다
[3]a strain of: 한 계통의, 한 종의
[4]genetically engineered wheat: 유전자가 조작된 밀 (미국에서 허용되지 않는다)
[5]grain shipments: 곡물 선적
[6]the Department of Agriculture: 농무부
[7]limit: 제한하다
[8]purchased: 구입한
[9]the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety: 식품 의약품 안전처
[10]according to~: ~에 따르면, ~에 의하면
[11]quarantine measures: 검역 조치
[12]livestock feed: 가축 사료
[13]put ports on alert: 항만에 경계령을 내리다
[14]“zero tolerance”: “무관용” 원칙, “제로 용인” 원칙
[15]genetically modified crops: 유전자 변형 곡물
[16]consumer protection office: 소비자 보호협회
[17]reassurance: 안도, 안심
[18]reliable test: 신빙성있는 검사, 신뢰할 만한 검사
[19]exporter: 수출국, 수출업자
[20]genetically engineered corn and soybeans: 유전자가 조작된 옥수수와 콩 (미국에서 허용된다)
[21]face: 직면하다
[22]resistance: 저항, 반대
[23]Roundup herbicide: 라운드업 제초제 (초강력 독성을 가진 제초제로 이 제초제에 저항성을 갖도록 유전자 변형을 일으킨 곡물이 개발되었다)


Published: May 31, 2013

Source: The New York Times

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