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The word that cannot be said too much, ‘LOVE’Play that will satisfy the youth’s emotional hunger. We are hungry-4.
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ove often sabotages the most important affairs. It sometimes makes even great spirits confused,” said Arthur Schopenhauer to express the greatness of love. All times and places, men and women of all ages, it is the power of love to make us decide things by emotion not by rationality. However, love always carries difficulty and adversities. It is common that couples break up over all the trivial reasons: emotional brawl, monetary problems, and a lack of understanding. If they look back later, it all would look so regrettable. Someone tells us that we should love more if we want to meet a good partner, but that doesn’t mean we meet lots of people and have meaningless love. Couples need time to solve problems through conversations rather than avoid imposing situations. I recommend you to spend some time watching the play We are hungry-4. It can be an opportunity for couples to take a look at the conflict and reconciliation of other couples; for singles, it lets them to see what the real obstacles are.
  The male protagonist Jungja is a poet wannabe who has tried to pass the annual spring literary contest for a few years. Despite his ceaseless effort, he has relentlessly failed the contest and determines to commit suicide. However, he runs into the female lead Nanja and they fall in love. She in fact has severe depression but becomes better by meeting him. However, Jungja cannot overcome his frustration due to the repeated failure in the contest. It makes him neglect Nanja, and as a result her depression worsens. They have a big fight when he throws Nanja’s teddy bear which is her best friend and her most cherished treasure. Finally, she decides to commit suicide and takes a large dose of sleeping pills. Fortunately, she survives but doesn’t remember Jungja. He regrets his mistakes and starts to love her with new promise. In addition, there is a comic scene about Nanja’s grandmother‘s humorous affection for a policeman, Jonnassn.
  There are four unique points that you might want to focus on. Look carefully at the scenes where Jungja and Nanja’s clothes are changed depending on their emotional changes. For example, Jungja’s white dress shirt and black pants set a tone of gloomy atmosphere in the suicide scene in the opening part of the play. On the other hand, for his date he wears colorful clothes and Nanja wears lovely clothes to create a good impression for each other. There are special scenes in which the audience can participate. You can see the new play every day as an audience response can lead to a different performance.
  In the play Jungja says, “Did I choose you? Or did you choose me? No. the love chooses us.”There is no perfect love. Perhaps the real meaning of love is two incomplete persons’ dedication and effort to make something complete. Those who crave for affection and those who feel the lack of somebody’s love. Don’t be discouraged by love that may make you hungrier. Just begin to love more and more.

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