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Do you want to read the other’s mind?Technique to read the other’s thinking,
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  Recently, a drama titled ‘I Hear your voice’ ended with a high audience rating of 18.8%. The drama revolves around a protagonist who has the supernatural power of mind reading. Critics point out that the reasons for the popularity of the show are the actors’ and actresses’ enthusiastic performances and a nice combination of court activity, romance, and fantasy. But even among them the subject matter of mind reading was the most powerful. Haven’t you ever imagined having this kind of supernatural power? Probably you have----because you want to know the mind of somebody whom you have a big crush on, or you want to recover your friendship after having a big fight with him/her. So let me introduce a book that’ll help you to achieve your fantasy. The book is Mind Reading written by Henrik Fexeus, a best-seller writer and psychologist. 
  The book starts with Fexeus passing along a request to readers: “Don’t accept this book so seriously. It is neither absolutely ‘true’ nor an explanation to an object as it exists.“ He adds, “If you apply this book to the real world, you could get interesting results,” inviting us to the world of mind reading. First, in order to enlighten us about mind reading, he criticizes Descartes’ philosophy that body and mind are separated. No matter how simply you think, it still causes a certain physical response. Descartes’ theory can’t be true. Then the writer defines mind reading as an analysis of the inseparable relationship between thinking and action, captured in a moment. The book considers the method of capturing moments overlooked due to their delicacy.
  With the notion of ‘rapport’, which functions as the beginning of the mind reading process, the writer opens his lecture on mind reading. Rapport is a psychological term for trust, which means a relationship that shows understanding between two people, and you are able to use mind reading only after forming a rapport. The writer claims that “rapport is being formed when one copies another’s communication method.” Based on the fact that people have positive feelings toward the same kinds of people, he asks us to analyze people’s gesture, ways of speaking and usage of vocabulary and act similarly. The purpose is to form a rapport through this process.
  He also mentions possible lie detection that we are all curious about. In this chapter, he focuses on ‘change’: the subtle change of body, from voice to eye and body language. There was actually an incident called ‘Clinton’s nose.‘ Bill Clinton scratched his nose during the Lewinski trial about 26 times, which was unusual for him, and this case evidenced that he used a different body language when he lied. The book contains a lot of interesting contents like recovering a relationship with a person you are having trouble with, and reading another’s feelings through their facial muscle movements. As such, the point of mind reading is not using hypnosis as you might imagine----but the observation of subtle changes. 
  Nowadays, even young university students’ lives are filled with various relationships. They create multiple relationships through team-projects, part-time jobs, and so on and so forth. In one sense, that means they are exposed to many troubles in relationships. Are you worrying why people are complaining about you, why you are having problems with communication, or how to approach a person of the other gender that you are interested in? I recommend this book for you. It may not work as a ‘Genie’ for you, but it certainly will help you with your relationship problems. The purpose of mind reading is nothing illicit, but to build a better relationship through knowing each other’s mind. Like the core message of this book----‘If you can read someone’s mind, you can catch his mind’----I hope you to be an expert in relationship and catch your friends’ minds.
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