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he Gachon Herald celebrated the 30th anniversary of the English newspaper at Gachon University. On October 24, 1984, it was founded under the title of The Kyungwon Eagle, and I am very proud of its 30 year history which is full of passion and sharing with students. I also feel honored to write the article for the 30th anniversary.
  Currently the Gachon Herald is published four times a year as a web magazine. We put our best efforts to find items that’ll convey useful information to Gachon readers. We do our best to deliver accurate information and can sympathize with students through our articles. After collecting news items we write our reports in Korean then translate them into English, and go through the proofreading process. We try to offer a quality English web magazine by getting help from three proofreaders from a student and a professor to a native English speaking professor.
  You can access our magazine anytime and anywhere. Are you worried about your English improvement? Right here, The Gachon Herald, provides various and beneficial articles for students. With us, I hope you find the joy of reading an English newspaper.
  Finally, thank you to the seniors of The Gachon Herald who have poured love and passion into it for the last 30 years. The Gachon Herald exists thanks to the affection of the seniors. We will keep trying to do our best to write good articles that’ll interact with our students and behave well as decent news reporters.

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isn't it the correct expression in paragraph 2 line 5 quality -> qualified?
(2014-01-02 01:10:43)
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