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The most valuable thing a man can have, ‘Time’How do you spend your time?
KIM So-Hyun  |  kate5825@naver.com
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Updated : 2013.11.17  04:24:03
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                 <Waste of Time>                                                                   <Effective use of time>

Picture 5. Planning your daily work. 

Picture 6. Studying English vocabulary or reading books while using public transportation
Picture 7. Jogging early in the morning
Picture 8. Studying for TOEIC and other license tests besides school study 

Picture 1. Wasting time by watching TV and using the computer at home
Picture 2. Using the smart-phone unconsciously while using public transportation
Picture 3. Waking up late
Picture 4. Slacking off while sitting down at the desk



















  Among the pictures above, which group do you belong to? The left side of the pictures shows us how we waste our time. On the other hand, the right side is all about spending our time meaningfully. For those who are spending their time in vain, we hope you realize the importance of time and use it fully worthwhile.
  Even though your present might look similar to images on the left side, if you try harder and plan out your daily schedule, you will be able to spend your time more valuable as we can see on the right side.
  24 hours are equally given to all people. For some the time just simply goes by, but for those who spend their time wisely it could turn into treasure.

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