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The first step to become a global talentGachon Universitys Office of International Affairs at a glance
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  As a university student, don’t you want to experience something new, how about going abroad to study? If you would like to make the most of the school programs for that purpose, we’d introduce you to the Office of International Affairs at Gachon University. The Office of International Affairs connects Gachon University and foreign universities through student exchange programs, multiple degree programs, language training and cultural interchange. It also strives to attract international students worldwide. 
  There are three representative programs associated with foreign universities: Exchange student, visiting students, and short-term overseas classes. Exchange student is a program that exchanges students between Gachon University and foreign sister universities that made an agreement to allows students to complete one full semester at the other university. School credits earned at the foreign university can be counted as credits at Gachon University. Students who complete at least two semesters and achieve an average GPA over 3.0 will be qualified as an applicant. Seniors on their last semester can’t apply to this program. Each university in each country has their own criteria on language eligibility, but students need an IBT TOEFL score of 80 or above for English speaking countries. Above N2 for Japan, and above HSK 4 for China. In the case of China, you are able to apply if you take both Chinese 1 and 2 as liberal arts courses.
  Details of the visiting student program depend on each country, but for most of the English-speaking countries, school tuition is paid by students while tuition for Gachon University is paid by scholarship. Students are dispatched for one semester. For English speaking area, a TOEIC score of 600 or above is needed to apply, and for China HSK 2. In the case of China, 50% of school tuition is supported by scholarship.
  Short-term overseas class is a summer and winter vacation program that allows students to learn about other cultures and an upper level course of a foreign language. Depending on the grade earned during the course 3 credits could be approved or not. It is a good opportunity to save money and time. Students with an average GPA of 2.5 or above are eligible to apply. A certain amount of scholarship will be given in a selected country.
  Please refer to the information below to find out the details of each program. You can also visit the website, and you may need to check twice as each semester provides different information. I hope you experience new things and enjoy your university life through these programs




Application received



Language ability


English Speaking Area



IBT 80

-tuition exempted at foreign university

March/ September

1)For English speaking area, Mock TOEIC scores at Gachon can be used to apply

2)For other areas:

Mock TOEIC score cannot be used



-tuition exempted at foreign university

April/ October



-tuition and dorm fee exempted at foreign university/

50% scholarship for tuition at Gachon

April/ October


English Speaking Area





-tuition exempted at Gachon

March/ September



-50% scholarship for tuition at Gachon

April/ October





To be Announced

April/ October


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