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Do you know G.P.S?Let’s make the most of campus employment programs.
KIM So-Hyun  |  kate5825@naver.com
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Updated : 2014.03.26  17:19:22
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  New Year has come up but the economy is still bad and young people have difficulties being employed. That is why collegians are continuously making preparations for job seeking. Especially, amongst 12 months, vacation is regarded as a period of preparing for finding a job. Therefore, during vacations students are pretty busy doing various activities to build their career or going to private educational institute. Gachon University’s Employment Support Center is holding all sorts of events such as job camp and programs to help student’s employment preparation. Now I want to introduce a job program called G.P.S.In accordance with recruitment season, Employment Support Center is trying to provide prospective graduates with an opportunity of step-by-step employment preparation in accordance with the company’s employment procedures. The 4th G.P.S program was held on 2014/2/3 to 2/7.The program is intended for students who want to make systematic preparations for job, to learn practical job skills through documents, job aptitude tests, and mock interviews. Qualifications to apply for this program are responsible students who are senior students, namely, prospective graduates, unemployed college graduates, and junior and seniors with average GPA of 3.0 and TOEIC score above 650. A total of 40 students or graduates can apply for this program. Employment Support Center selects students based on their own selection criteria. Also, students need to submit program entry form and documentary evidences for application. Documentary evidences include transcript (higher than 3.0) and TOEIC score (higher than 650). Entry fee if applying for an online job aptitude test, costs 10,000 won.
  G.P.S program details and schedules are as follows. On the first day, with the title of ‘Employment Preparation and Understanding Strategy’, from 10am to 1pm, they had program orientation, entry application, and special lecture. From 2pm to 4pm they made group presentations on job preparation status, sharing preparation strategies for each occupation. On the second day, with the title of ‘Job Application Form DAY’ they had group consulting on job application form. Consulting with a total of 5 consultants was given to small groups of 2 to 3 people and 1 consultant was in charge of 8people. On the third day, the ‘Vocational Test DAY’, from 10am to 1pm, they gave open lectures on mock aptitude test, how to prepare for each section, how to prepare for aptitude test of each enterprise. From 2pm to 5pm, major company’s mock aptitude test was given. On the fourth day, ‘Interview DAY1”they proceeded mock interview roll-playing by group and gave personal feedbacks. Last day, ‘Interview DAY2”, they gave actual simulated job interview by group and personal feedback. And the program ended with completion ceremony. But only students with 100% attendance rate can receive the certificate. (※Program’s detailed schedule is subject to change.)
  We heard the opinions of students who participated in this program. Choi, Han-nah, the class of 09, Business Administration major, said “I haven’t prepared for my career and this program helped me a lot. I strongly realized that I need to set up my career. I’ve learned a lot. It was my first time to write a letter of self-introduction and resume, and one-to-one consulting was very beneficial. To explain briefly, this program is all in one program that contains everything students need for their employment. Yoo, Sook-jin, Business Administration major, the class of 09, said ”I think the biggest advantage of this program is that I can receive help from Employment Support Center. It was a great opportunity to get to know teachers of the Center. Plus, getting connections to employment activities such as employment circle was nice.”
  G.P.S program starting since 2012 is scheduled to open every vacation. With G.P.S program, within 5days students can attain helpful information from understanding employment preparation strategies to actual mock interview. I hope students to get help from campus employment program by making the most of them.

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