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Can money tune everything?We will tune everything that you want. Play We need a tuning
CHOI Hyun-Jin  |  ann528@hanmail.net
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Updated : 2014.03.26  17:27:04
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oes your life also need tuning? What part of your life needs tuning most? The play We need a tuning shows what happens to three people tuning others who have physical complex, pain, despair and loneliness.. Although this play is one of the open-run plays around university, it not only makes us laugh but also sends a message to the audience. We came to be conscious that money can do everything and our glittering appearance is the most important. Let’s find the error which is hidden in this consciousness by watching play We need tuning!’
  In tuning world, the background of the play, there are 3 women: One is a factory worker who is slightly foolish but dreams a pure love, another woman ranks No. 2 and follows only her boss, the other is a vicious boss who believes money is everything. These 3 women tune
whatever clients want at high costs. In the tuning world, if you deposit money, you can tune anything you want such as giving a life to robot, tuning a physical complex, making drum transparent, and so on. It can tune everything according to various requests. One day, however, one man who can’t talk because of love’s wound visits the tuning world. He suggests that if he is cured, he would give one billion dollar. At first, the boss suspects this suggestion. But when the man shows money, the boss and her employees altered their attitudes. They try diverse methods on him like music therapy or drama therapy to earn one billion dollar. However, despite all their endeavors, they fail in fixing the client’s problem. Surprisingly, the client’s chronic mind disease is repaired by falling in love with a somewhat stupid worker during treatment process. Consequently, the boss realizes that everything cannot always be tuned by material things. So she closes the tuning world for a moment and learns money is not everything. As a result, they cured broken heart with true love and proved that not money but true communication can change people.
  The play We need a tuning goes on 90 minutes with a variety of entertaining elements, and giving message about materialism. Even if it is a play, it contains musical elements which make the play more touching. Moreover, actors encourage audiences to participate in the play, which makes audiences feel embarrassed but gives a precious memory. Regardless of its small size, it shows fantastic images and stage settings. Even two foreigners next to me laughed together, watching the subtitles. In addition, it delivers its targeted message properly. 

  Due to lookism in modern society, people these days tend to concentrate on their appearances rather than their talent. This tendency is formed by not personal inclination but social atmosphere. However, can changing outside lead to changing inside? People can always alter their exterior with money, namely, material things... But money can’t solve our inner mind. To think inversely, if you reform your mind, you can always change the surface. This play criticizes this social mood and gives hopes and laughs to audiences.
  The play We need a tuning will be performed on Marronnier Theatre located near Hyewha subway station until 30 June, 2014.This theatre provides abundant things to see and various performances. Plus, amazing special devices catch people’s attention and audiences are encouraged to participate in the play. Furthermore, it provides at least three subtitles (English, Japanese, Chinese) for the first time so that foreign tourists can enjoy it without any problems. 

  Thanks to these joyful sights and story, it was introduced in Blue House’s English homepage and was mentioned on many news and radio programs. How about watching play We need a tuning if you think you need to be tuned or a great change in your life?

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