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It’s Time To Prepare for TOEIC Speaking!TOEIC Speaking, leading up to job offer, studied at our school.
Kim Min-Sun  |  dajung0332@naver.com
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Updated : 2014.03.26  18:22:42
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  As the importance of TOEIC speaking increases, domestic major and mid-sized companies are including TOEIC speaking score as an essential requirement for job recruitment. They start to be aware of the significance of TOEIC speaking since they need employees with the ability to speak English fluently for expanding its business abroad. Gachon University lately realized the importance of TOEIC speaking and prepared new programs for students. As a way of relieving the burden of finding a job, every vacation Gachon university arranged various programs that are relevant to employment camp. In particular, for 2014 winter vacation, they opened “Intensive TOEIC Speaking Program”. This is the first time for the university to open TOEIC speaking program. 
The one week program aiming for junior and senior students began on January 20th to 28th, for free. The number of participants was limited to 25 students, and only students with TOEIC score of above 650 or with good GPA were qualified to participate in the program. Classes were given from 9am to 4pm except one hour of lunch time, with lecture of 50 minutes and break time of 10 minutes.

  The program consisted of speaking classes, self-study, and 2 MOCK tests. Students are required to take the first MOCK test before the program begins. The second MOCK test is given at the end of the program so that students can know how much they improved. From 9am to 3pm, students study with the textbook and they are given the time to answer questions and speak out loudly. Then instructor corrects students’ answers and letting them know what they are lacking of. And from 3pm, students form a study group of 3 to 4 students and make their own rules and practice speaking or share their tips. During this study time, students can practice speaking and give advice on each other’s answers. Since school records every lecture and puts it on café, those students who want to listen to the lecture again or forget some part of the lecture have nothing to worry about.

  We met two students who had taken this program. Kim Ju-Yeong, the class of 07, majoring Building Equipment & System Engineering said “Professor Ha Do-Woo meticulously corrected our answers and sincerely cared for our opinions and thoughts. I hope lots of students can participate in this school program.”Kim Hong-Sik, the Class of 07, majoring in Fire & Disaster Protection Engineering said “I applied to this program coincidently and I’m totally satisfied with teachers and students. It’s sad that there is a limitation of student number. I hope school will arrange more programs like this so that many students can participate in.”

  25 students of Gachon University finished this “Intensive TOEIC Speaking Program” in one week. We expect not only the students who took part in this program but also all the Gachon University students to master TOEIC speaking and to be equipped with the qualifications of global human resources. There are many programs for students seeking for employment. We hope students to make the most of all the school programs.

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