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Horse, Keep on running!Unusual experience you can enjoy in the suburbs of Seoul. Horse-riding course
CHOI Hyun-Jin  |  ann528@hanmail.net
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 These days, most of university students enjoy their cultural lives by watching movies or plays and going to concerts. They are similar in that they are inactive. Then which cultural activity is unique and active? In this 122 issue, we will introduce the Horse Riding that you can enjoy in the suburbs of Seoul. Riding a horse is a sport that people and horses become one body and order them to do various motions. In the case of horse riding as a sport, it is derived from a foreign missionary or teacher. At that time, the horse racing with a donkey was prevalent. In the past the horse riding was a typical sport for aristocracy in many countries as well as in Korea. Now it is not an upper-class sport anymore but a sport and hobby which many people can enjoy. 
 The Horse riding is one of the sports in which the public is interested since it is healthy and exciting. It is a kind of whole body exercising which helps your physical condition, such as balancing a body, arthritis prevention and activating the function of bowel, liver and kidney. It’s also effective for mental enhancement, stress reduction, and so on. Furthermore, in recent, it attracts many women as an aerobic exercise that consumes high-calorie (3000kcal per40-50 minutes). So these days, it is also called ‘Riding diet’. Another advantage of riding is it makes you have affection to animals and it is also known as rehabilitation of disorders. The horse’s step style is classified as free walk, sitting trot, riding trot and double-time pace. Each walking pace has different exercising effects. If you want to correct your posture, you need a free walk. If you want to work out your abdomen, you have to ride in sitting rot. If you’d like to exercise your lower body, try to do a riding trot. And if you’d like to have the effects of stress reduction and body movement, you can ride in a double-time pace. Do you want to have unique cultural life? Then I’ll introduce <Palm Springs horse riding club> where you can enjoy it in the suburb of Seoul by subway.
 <Palm Springs horse riding club> is a cozy horse riding course which is located in 228th street, jangamdong, Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi. If you take a subway, get off Jangam station at line 7. You will arrive within 5 minutes on foot. At this horse riding course, there are 8 horses with several horse trainers. Choi Hyunjin, Kim Sohyun and Kim Minseon reporters tried one day riding experience. This experience is composed of methodical programs and takes about 40-50 minutes. The program involves feeding, learning basic riding on horseback, photo time and riding experience. You don’t have to worry about accidents when riding a horse because a horse trainer will help next to you. One day riding experience costs 40,000 won per each for two or more people, 30,000 per each for 5 or more people. It is also free of charge during the week since it always carries out the campaign of donating blood donor card. If you want to enjoy various programs, get more information at (www.clubps.co.kr). (But you can take advantage of blood donor card just once)

 Below are the pictures of the program.
1. The scene of horse riding course.

2. A horse stable and feeding experience.

3. The education with horses.

On that day, we experienced riding a horse for 50minutes. Before I got on them, I was seized with fear. Although it was a short time, I paid greatest attention to it because I had to move with a creature as one. Especially, it would be valuable time to animal lovers. The training before riding and feeding increased a sense of intimacy and eliminated the fear. After riding a horse, we were satisfied with ourselves but still we felt sorry that the time passed too soon.
 Are you tired of city life? Let’s have healing time with city-horses. Blow off steam and healthier while bonding with horses. How about enjoying flamboyant and healthy horse riding rather than cliché cultural life even if you have to pay a little bit more money? Let’s cool down hot summer with running horses!!

<Experience Review>
Hyun Jin: Although it is not easily accessible, I felt healthy and great about going there. I think having an active life is better than just sitting down and watching movies.

So Hyun: I’m so happy to ride a horse for free through donating blood donor card. And I also took subway, so I felt like taking a train. I hope many people know the advantages of horse riding and do it.

Min Seon: I recommend horse riding as an college’s student’s cultural life. This is a new kind of fun!

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Ahh this looks fun! I should try this :-))
(2014-07-16 23:11:58)
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