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You also can be a magician of communication.TED communication method by corporate training expert Lee Min-young. <18 minutes of magic, communicate like TED>
KIM Yu-Mi  |  yumi1724@naver.com
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If war is shameful, finish it quickly.’ It is a passage ‘兵聞拙速’ from the ‘孫子兵法’. It means the longer the war is getting, the more difficulty soldiers have in committing themselves to war as well as the more waste of goods. This also can be applied to our daily lives in terms of casual conversation, presentation, and speech. If the time gets too long, listeners lose not only their concentration but also interest. Anyone might have heard the word “TED” at least once. TED which stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design was created with the aim of ‘Ideas worth spreading’. It is the world’s most famous relay-type knowledge concert in which people share their knowledge related to various themes and materials for given 18minutes. Not only Bill Gates, the former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs and other world’s leading innovators and celebrities that are experts in various fields conveyed their knowledge, but also ordinary people did perform their presentations at TED. People who don’t know TED ask, ‘how could they possibly give lectures within 18minutes?’ But a large number of people around the world are enthusiastic about TED. Why TED? The reason is in the TED communication methods. The author, a company education expert, who has given lectures for 12 years discovers the genuine meaning of communication and its methods through TED. Consensus created through a contact between lecturer and listener brings a great change to the world. The author tells 14 rules of communication to ordinary people. And here are some representative rules. 
 〮Burst without hesitation. 
 The lecture <Schools kill creativity> by Ken Robinson has had the highest hits in Ted so far. The reason is that the lecturer reveals the uncomfortable truth that we’ve not known or been evading without reserve. If you want to resolve complaints and conflicts and move along together, you should let the problem out without hesitation. Solution discloses itself when the dilemma comes out. Even if it is a truth that you don’t want to reveal, you should unravel it through communication and move on to the better state. TED tell frankly whatever the story is .


 〮Draw out the story from your everyday life. 
 To smoothly communicate with people you have to contain many materials to share. Then how can we get materials and utilize them? First, record. Record whatever you do and experience using various methods. Writing is the best training method to cumulate communication materials. Write down anything every day and frequently. Second, move out of ‘tacit zone’ and go into ‘formal zone’. Keeping the ideas and feelings you’ve gained through reading books or experiences only inside your head is called ‘tacit zone.’ To enter into ‘formal zone’, basically organize daily works in notepads, write a diary and express yourself to somebody by using a variety of methods and communication media. Third, listen to other people. People usually have relationships and get along with other people with common interests. It’s called ‘birds of a feather flock together’. The 21st century demands a receptive capacity by which you accept differences. Therefore, having an open mind and accepting differences will gradually broaden our world. Fourth, have an eye that can see through hidden and uncomfortable truth. We only show interests in phenomena that have been revealed to the world through media such as newspaper. But we have to notice what’s behind them. Even those trivial daily materials, only with deep insight, can be very valuable. And this is a “creative idea” that TED wants. Fifth, if you are an expert, you should make an effort to share what you found in your field with other people. To say something unfamiliar to someone, make attempts to obtain more interesting materials which will gain people’s sympathy and help them to comprehend easily what you are saying.
 〮Compose attractively on the listener’s position. 
 The most important thing for a wise cook is to fix food which will be eaten by someone in a certain situation. Tasty food is attractive for eater. The same applies to the communication. Just like making a most attractive dish for a certain person, compose the content of a lecture on the viewpoints of listeners. Particularly attractive compositions in TED lectures are Suggesting solutions and moving on to the main subject, Eye-catching beginning and explicit ending, Solving questions by accurate data, Using silence. The author says “Silence is one of the nonverbal factors such as body language, facial expressions, motions, and five senses” and “TED lecturer uses silence effectively, sometimes a single silence is more effective than 100 words for bigger impacts and tension of story.” Silence is the best way to show easiness derived from perfect preparation. Usually, insufficient preparation and lack of requisite qualities lead speakers to overwhelm audience with too much information. Also, when listeners are not given enough time to absorb contents, perfect preparation goes in vain. The author says “It is no longer persuasive to release one’s opinion relentlessly.”, and emphasizes “Audience can feel comfortable in people who utilize silence, which render speakers look more trustworthy.” 
 〮Deliver vividly with alive experience.
 To find values and hopes that people should aim for and share in our experiences. And to actively spread them. These communications let us step into much broader world. Also, what is experienced vividly can be conveyed vividly. Our life itself is wonderful communication materials. The author encourages us to live passionately. A passionate life is a life of doing what you think without fear. Don’t be afraid and experience lively. The values found by you can be a hope for other people.
 The author tells 10 more rules besides these. The communication that delivers my values and arouses the inspiration of audience! Its secret lies in TED. The main gist of ‘TED communication method’ is to trust and respect other people, and convert communication method from ‘Speaker-centered communication’ to ‘Listener-centered communication’. We can’t be alone any more in this society. We meet and communicate with people in everyday life. ‘TED method’ is extremely useful for all the people who’re having hard times communicating with the world and need effective communication methods. I hope the use of ‘Ted’ will enable you to have communications that’ll ultimately enhance your values in presentations and ordinary talks as well as in interviews.

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