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Do not what you love but what you are good at.Gachon University’s first successful applicant of bar exam, lawyer Kim, Hangyu. Law, 90.
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  Nowadays university students have many kinds of trouble like studies, love, future, and money, etc. After graduating from middle and high school, their life has become much freer but with more problems to think over for themselves. Above all, the biggest trouble maker of college students would be their future career. A self-help book that caught on, Pain is Youth says, ‘You should live a life led by your dream and passion, not future.’ That is to say you should live doing what you want to do. However, there’s a graduate who tries to dissuade college students from doing what they want to do. He is a Lawyer Kim, Hangyu, Gachon University class of 90, law major. He is a Gachon University’s first successful applicant of bar exam and now a vice-chairman at the Seoul Bar Association. Let’s listen to his advice.

1. I’m curious about your college life.
  I didn’t aim to study Law at first. I just applied for the department which I could be admitted with my test scores. Fortunately, I found law fitted my aptitude. I thought a lot about my future career when I was a freshman. I wanted to improve my value and be socially recognized. So I made a decision to take a bar-exam in freshman second semester. Also, I joined book discussion club and took part in the club activities as the head. I was absorbed in club activities as well as studying.

2. What drives you not to give up and run directly toward your dream in poor and hard situation?
  Unlike entrance examination, I was filled with interest when I was reading law books, which led me to study hard and finally I earned scholarship. Scholarship motivated me to be more fond of studying law. I think the fact that I have an aptitude and enthusiasm for law kept me going. Moreover, I really wanted to become a lawyer and gain a social recognition. On the way to Seoul to take a bar exam, there was a disastrous car accident that killed my mother. When other people were doubtful about my decision to prepare for a bar-exam, my parents were the only one who took sides with me. And this tragedy made me think, “Even if I fail and die while taking this exam, I will never give up.” After 11 times of failure, I passed the bar-exam at last.

+) Weren’t you nervous?
  I was nervous all day. The most anxious thing was the fact that no one passed the bar exam. I also wondered ‘Am I studying in the right way?’ It was just like Columbus who was blindly sailing to find America.

3. As the head of legal profession training system improvement TF, what do you think the problems of the law school are?
  The law school system was introduced in 2009. I’m opposed of abolishing the bar-exam and its being integrated into law school. The reason is not that I prefer bar-exam but law school system has problems. I think the problems of law school system are unfairness of law school admission process and its expensive tuition. The bar-exam selects students only with their grades irrespective of their academic cliques, their economic or family backgrounds. On the other hand, admission of law school is under the control of interview. As it is, law school is likely to be a system that is obviously more advantageous to people with wealthy family background or who graduate from prestigious universities. And the tuition of law school is much more expensive than that of college. If law school needs to be maintained, I think it is right for it to co-exist with bar-exam. If so, through the competition of lawyers from law school and from bar exam, we will be able to provide people a better law service. Therefore I think the bar-exam should not be abolished and co-exist with law school. I think there should be a change before the last bar-exam in 2017.

*TF (Task force): a temporary organization which is set up by experts for achieving a task.

4. As a lawyer, how did you feel after watching the movie ‘The Attorney’?
  I think that there must be an opportunity for people like Roh, Muhyeon to become a lawyer. If the legal profession training system of the day was not bar-exam but law school, Roh, Muhyeon couldn’t be a lawyer. And "Burim" incident was found not guilty. However, I think that prosecutors related to the case should take the responsibility. Those prosecutors are skyrocketing in their career right now. Moreover, they said in a recent interview that they were assured the case had violated National Security Act in a recent interview. I think not apologizing will only trigger people’s distrust of judicial authorities.

+) If you were in that situation?
  I wouldn’t do like Song, Kangho who stars as Song, Wooseok in the movie. Maybe I would put an effort to find and help someone who can try like Jung, Wonjung who stars as Kim, Sangpil in the movie. If I were Song, Kangho, I would not claim the accused’s innocence but by acknowledging his misdeeds I would try to arrange a compromise with prosecutor to reduce a penalty as much as I could.

5. What are some requisite talents to become a lawyer?
  Lawyer’s role is listening to one’s story who has a problem and helping them to solve the problem. Most of people think lawyers should speak well. But when you know many things, you can speak well. So I think the most important thing for lawyers is to listen closely and the ability to feel empathy.

6. Do you have any comment to students as a life senior?
  The top three most important things for the twenties are romance, reading, and human relationships. People in their twenties have the privilege that they can do everything. Especially, romance would be their unique right. In addition, I want my juniors to read as many books as they can when they are still in university. I think they must read at least two books a month. Answers are in books, so when you read many books, you can find a life and which way to go. Also, real relationships could be found in college friends rather than friends made in social life. since they are profoundly related to my life. And I oppose that juniors do what they like. They should choose what they are good at rather than what they like. If they are good at something, the productivity increases. If the productivity increases, you might like that work.

  Many students are facing two choices whether they should do something they like or are good at. First, you should consider whether you can do well in what you like. People usually think their life quality gets higher when they do something they like. But, when you do what you are good at, you get praised and when you get recognition, you would end up loving to do it. He says, ‘Therefore, if you are not good at what you like, you can’t enhance your life quality. When I said “I don’t know what I am good at”, he told me to do many things as I can to find something that you have talent for. Like Kim, Hangyu’s comment who wanted to be a graduate who wouldn’t bring down the value of his college, if you are struggling between interest and aptitude, you choose your aptitude. If you don’t know what you are good at and what you like, you should try various things and understand yourself.

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