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The New Communication Room, EUREKA!Free Communication in an Atmosphere Of Freedom
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Updated : 2012.01.31  13:16:45
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  On November 1, 2011, Gachon University held a ceremony for the opening of EUREKA at the central library. EUREKA was designed as a study room for students to experience a creative space for inspiration, composition, and free communication. Unlike the usual purpose of a library, EUREKA offers a freer environment for students to communicate while they study. The University expects students to be more open to debates and discussions through this newly created atmosphere.
  EUREKA is open from 9AM to 9PM (3PM on Saturdays) through the semester, and 9PM to 5PM during vacations. In order to use the study rooms, students must make a reservation online on the library homepage. The cooperation room, ‘WHY BUT IF FOR’, requires a minimum of 4 students to be reserved, and the ‘CAN’ room a minimum of 8. Students are allowed to use the rooms three times a day, but must reserve two days ahead. If students do not show up after 20 minutes past the reservation time, then the reservation will automatically be cancelled. When filling out an application, students must write the number of people, purpose, major, student ID numbers, and the name of all the users.
  There used to be only two study rooms offered to students, but now, thanks to the opening of EUREKA, there are 6 more study rooms that students can use. There have already been many positive responses from the students. There is also a rest zone in front of the study rooms where students can talk freely, and a communication zone where they can use their laptops as well. 


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