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  All of us know that health is important in our lives. But we usually don’t care much about it. So how can we easily, effectively and conveniently care for health? You can find the answer of this question by utilizing school healthcare facilities. Since Gachon University is associated with Gil hospital, healthcare facilities are well made and supported with various material and human resources. However, it is a pity that so many students don’t participate in health examination and utilize healthcare facilities. The purpose of this article is to give useful information about school healthcare facilities and medical check-ups to freshman who showed the lowest participation rate and students who have no idea or no interests in them so that they can use those facilities much more.
  Firstly, let me deal with health examination program provided by school. This year health examination was carried out for two weeks from March 24 to April 4. This program helps freshman to examine their poor health after college entrance exam and to concentrate on school works. For undergraduates, this program gives the result of analyzing their health changes on the basis of their medical check-up results of last year. Through this program, graduates can prevent any health problem which might be an obstacle in getting a job. Thus, health examination provides both undergraduates and graduates with the chance to take care of their health. If any health problem is found out through health examination, students are able to receive health advice in health service center or get information so that they can find alternatives. Even if there are no problems, the center keeps on managing the student’s health condition by keeping health examination record and employing it for the next examination. The steps of health examination are as follows.
1) application 2) filling in health questionnaire (Students are also given a consent form for research participation and the investigation for developing students’ health examination program is carried out) 3) x-ray examination 4) height check-up
5) measuring blood pressure 6) body composition check 7) eyesight examination
8) dental examination 9) consultation with doctor (Consultations are given concerning the health of family members, student’s health history and symptom check-up)
10) blood gathering 11) writing an address for mail (The result of health examination will be sent to this address)

  Secondly, I’d like to introduce health service. Health service center is located on 1st floor in Jin-ri-kwan. It operates from 9am to 9pm. Besides primary health care they also manage the follow works.

1) Body fat measurement: It is available on Monday from 10:00am~11:30am and 2:00pm~5:00pm. Making a reservation is required.
2) Oriental medical examination: Oriental medical doctor from Gil hospital comes to school for examination. Low frequency electrical stimulation, acupuncture therapy, moxa therapy, and infrared therapy are provided. It is available on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00pm~5:00pm after reservation.
3) Mental health clinic: You can have a consultation with psychological counselor. It is available Monday from 2:00pm~5:00pm and Thursday from 9:00am~12:00pm.
4) Non-smoking clinic: Members of Health Service Center of Sujeong Gu visit once a week, a total of 7 times. You can take non-smoking counsel, nicotine and CO measurement. Supplements for non-smoking are provided. It is available on Wednesday from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.
5) Vermicide: You can take vermicide at clinic from March to April in the first semester and from September to October in the second semester.
6) Vaccination: You can receive cervical cancer, hepatitis A&B, and flu vaccination after reservation. You can use this service at lower cost than in other hospitals.
7) Disease care: After examining hypertension, diabetes, obesity you can receive education. You can also receive a health notebook.

  This year the participation rate of freshman was much lower than before. Perhaps it’s because internet application was not available. But the biggest reason is that there are many students who don’t even know or don’t have an interest in it. Health examination not only helps your health but also are useful materials for medical research in hospitals. Moreover, most of these businesses are free and you can use these programs without any financial burden. So don’t hesitate to utilize the school health care facilities!

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