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Do you like ‘Reading’?'Book' Empathy Concert's Fifth Instructor-Professor Yu Youngman
EOM Jin-A  |  eom6268@nate.com
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Updated : 2014.06.28  13:24:20
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  How many books have you read this year? Many students probably will say less than 5 books. But, reading is important in everyday life as well as in social life because people can gain knowledge, improve communication skills and learn wisdom of life through reading books. What are you holding right now? Maybe a cell phone or a TV remote control, not a book. For the students who stay away from books, Gachon University Library provides 'Book’ Empathy Concert in which they can meet authors of books, understand the importance of reading and cultivate their creativity and personality. Gachon University Library Director said, "The program aims to give students the opportunity to understand the concept of ‘consilience’ and the fusion of science and humanities so they can widen their horizons in their studies and gain the wisdom to overcome difficult situations such as unemployment.” Based on this idea, ‘Book’ Empathy Concert started with Prof. Choe Jaecheon who is the author of Insights, the Table of Consilience, on November 9, 2012, and the chances to meet other authors have been given: Prof. Gim Nando, the author of The Painful Youth , A writer, Shin Kyungsook, the author of Please Look After Mom, Prof. Choe Incheol who wrote Frame- the Wisdom of Psychology to Change Me, and the most recent one, Prof. Yu Youngman who wrote Bricoleur : The New Name for Intellectuals to Rule the World’, which took place on April 30, 2014. 
  In the 5th ‘Book’ Empathy Concert held in Yaeum Hall on April 30, the lecturer Yu Young-Man made a speech on the topic ‘The Future Intellectuals that the age wants and you ought to be, Are you Bricoleur?’ Before the lecture, the performance of Gachon acting arts majors was given. The lecture lasted for one hour including Q & A session. After introducing himself briefly, Prof.
  Yu Youngman explained what Bricoleur is by giving 10 various examples and anecdotes from his experiences. It could have been a little bit boring lecture, but thanks to his witty remarks and jokes students were able to concentrate on the lecture. He tried to communicate with students through Q & A session. At first, students were hesitant to answer but as lecture progressed they spontaneously participated and communicated with the professor. In Questions and Answers time after the lecture, we picked three of the questions that students had given before the lecture and asked them to the professor, and also asked several questions about the lecture on the spot.
  Lastly, students had a sort of event in which 6 students were randomly chosen and given Prof. Yu’s book that has his signature on it and 8 students were given gift certificates.
  After the lecture, I asked some students for their comments on this lecture. First, accounting major, Lee Junho said, “I appreciate Prof. Yu Youngman for giving an enjoyable speech, and the speech made me also think about incidents that have affected my life.” Tourism Management major, Chae Haneul said, “I’ve learned a lot about the future person of capability that I have to be.”
  Thus, ‘Book’ Empathy Concert provides beneficial information that helps to understand the book and gives readers the opportunity to understand any incomprehensible parts in the book through directly asking questions to the author. Moreover, those who didn’t read the book will be able to go through it without a hitch. When was the last time you ever confronted a book? Just as you prepare for your class in advance for better understanding, before reading the book, why don’t you prepare for it with ‘Book’ Empathy Concert?

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