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Give Yourselves a Chance to be a Hero.
KIM Dan-Bee  |  o_o1678@naver.com
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Updated : 2014.09.15  00:04:35
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ave you ever heard about the miracle of Istanbul? It’s about the play off of Champions League, Liverpool versus AC Milan in 04-05 seasons which a lot of football fans still talk about and praise as the most famous football match ever. This match had gained much attention from the fans prior to the game since both teams had perfect players doing their best jobs. However, it turned out to be kind of boring. As soon as the game began, Liverpool was down 0-1 in a minute. And AC Milan led Liverpool by 3 to 0 in the first-half. After the first-half, AC Milan's locker-room was filled with excitement foretelling their victory, and all the people expected AC Milan's victory. However, Rafael Benitez, the director of Liverpool at that time, made a masterful speech to his dejected players to cheer them up. "Don't let your heads drop. Every player who goes on the pitch after half time must keep their heads held high. We are Liverpool, you are playing for Liverpool. You cannot call yourselves Liverpool players if you have your head down. Believe you can do it and you will. Give yourselves the chance to be heroes." And in the second-half, the miracle of Istanbul started. Liverpool scored the first goal in 15 minutes and they tied the score of 3 to 3 which nobody had expected. In the penalty shootout, Liverpool won the championship miraculously by 3 to 2.
  Half of 2014 has already passed and the second semester has started. How many goals did you miss in the first half of 2014? Personally, I missed approximately 4 goals. If you are discouraged by not carrying out your plans, then please remind yourself of the speech which was spread in the Liverpool locker room after the first half. Don't let your head drop. Run hard and give yourself a chance to be a hero. 45 minutes of second-half is waiting for you. If you believe you can do it, then you will.

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