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  It has already been a year since I first came to Korea but everything still surprises me. My original plan was to enter university in China after completing my entrance examination but my mother urged me to study overseas, so here I am. At first, everything was fascinating and exciting but I now feel like I’m living in China.

<Entrance Exam>
  Before I came to Korea I studied Korean language in China. I studied TOPIK. The levels are divided into 6. To go to university I had to achieve a level 3 or higher. My five friends and I all got less that level 3 so we couldn’t enter university. So, since January I have studied Korean at Gachon International Language Center. Our teacher, Professor Lee, admonished students who weren’t paying full attention to the class. In March 2014, I finally entered Gachon University as a freshman.

  We can call Seoul one of the most famous cities in the world. After class I usually go on a trip to Seoul. Sightseeing at Myungdong is the most memorable. At Myungdong, I can feel different kinds of Korean culture. I went to Lotte department store, makeup stores, shooting area, Namsan tower, Kyungbokgung, etc. Among the many kinds of Korean food I have tried, Andong steamed chicken was one of the most delicious. I can’t forget the taste of it. After 2 weeks of exciting trips, boring dormitory life has begun.

<Daily Lives in Korea>
  Every Friday, I go shopping with my roommate after class. Although my Korean is not fluent, it is exciting to use what I have learned in the class. English that I studied in the past also helps me occasionally. Last time, when the owner of a store didn’t give us change, my roommate said, “I give you this but you only give me this!” I was so embarrassed that I left the store without my roommate.

<What I learned of Korean while staying here>
In Korea fruit is sold by the piece at grocery stores.
In Korea, trash bags are expensive.
I realized Korean people usually ask a person’s age when they first meet.
In Korea, plastic surgery is as common as a haircut.
Korean girls wear short pants and skirts despite cold weather.
Korean people eat kimchi at every meal.
There are many pretty girls in Korea.
In Korea, no one will take my cellphone, wallet, or laptop if I leave it somewhere.
In Seoul, there are no electric motorcycles.
In Korea it is expensive to eat Chinese food.
In Korea, even in cold weather, water in restaurants is also cold.
Buses run very fast.
In Korea it is hard to find a garbage can on the street.
In Korea when using a credit card, a password is not necessary.
There are no counterfeit bank notes.
Korean banks do not need bulletproof glass.
If you don’t stay in Korea long enough, you won’t understand Korea.
HaSeo Dept. of Electrical Engineering

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