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Do you need a breadth of mind?Movie
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  Have you ever ‘waited’ for something? Among the modern people who live in the digital science age, only a few people might ‘wait’ in its true sense. Their life is accustomed to speed and they lose their temper even when they wait for a short time. But waiting gives you more things than you expect. You can feel much more sense of accomplishment and excitement when you wait with patience for something precious to you. This movie is reconstructed from the true story of a person who waited for 18 years for one moment that might be considered trivial to others. What makes him wait for such a long time is his thinking that ‘Life is waiting’. I will introduce <Terminal> which is about the man who obtained what he wants at the end of a long wait. 

  The main character, Viktor Naboseuki, a man from Keurakojia came to New York, carrying a peanut can which his father’s wished him to carry. While he was coming to New York, a coup occurred in his home Keurakojia, and it became a ghost country. Due to his lack of a state, he couldn’t get a visa. So Viktor was deprived of his passport and return ticket. The primary airport director, Frank, who is going to be screened for promotion soon, explains in English to Viktor that there is ‘No entry’. Of course Victor can’t understand, and he is stuck inside the terminal.
Viktor who doesn’t know what’s going on happens to watch the television news. However, he can’t understand it because it is reported in English. At last he stays alone in a transfer lounger. Thus Viktor begins living in the airport terminal. First, he goes to gate 67 and connects the chairs to make his own bed. Second, he arranges people’s carts and collects pennies to solve his meals. However, Frank thinks Viktor can be an obstacle to his promotion, so he wants to send him out to get caught by the police. So Frank informs Viktor of the guard exchange time, but Viktor chooses to wait when he notices that someone is monitoring him. He suspects there is a trap. In addition, when Frank discovers Viktor’s way of earning money, he assigns other person to the job of arranging carts. However, Viktor gets help from new colleagues who give him a meal. Third, he starts to learn English in the terminal bookstore. He even
rescues a passenger from suicide by interpreting English. Fourth, his English is not good enough to be employed by any store, but by accident one qualified architect from New York sees his skills in architecture and employs Viktor with much more payment than Frank gets. Finally he hears that the war is over in his country and succeeds in receiving the signature of a saxophone musician, which was the dream of his late father. Thus, he can protect his own priceless things, doing what he has to do while waiting without any promise of return
  In the second half of the movie, you can see the employees’ look at Viktor differently. At first they avoid and doubt him because they don’t speak the same language. As time goes by, they know he is more gentle and pure than anyone. They are surprised a lot when they know the reason why he wants to go to New York, and running the risk of being locked in the terminal for 9 months. When he opens the peanut can, there are only old business cards in it. Victor calls these business cards as his father and waits for 9 months merely for fulfilling his father’s little wish.
  If you lose your country and are forced to live in such a strange place, can you behave like Victor? An obstacle is not a discouragement but an opportunity to develop yourself further. This movie tells you the esthetics of waiting and teaches you to wait with patience even if you cannot fulfill what you want. Viktor who finally attains what he wants through his patience and ceaseless positive spirit helps us believe that sometimes waiting can be a cure. How about having a breadth of mind, instead of hurrying for immediate goals.

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