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Gachon University, University Specialization Project; No. 1 in Metropolitan AreaA short Period of Time, the Result of Tremendous Growth
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ood News! In the "University 2014 Specialization Project"(CK) organized by the Ministry of Education, 6 project teams from Gachon University were selected. This is the largest-scale project team in the capital area. As a result, the school is supposed to be supported with a total of 20 billion won, that is, 4 billion won a year for 5 years. Four project teams were selected in the area of university autonomy whose scale of financial support is larger than that of the national funding. This was possible owing to a dramatic improvement in the university’s educational competence, and the continuous efforts at specialization in two campuses since the integration of Gachon University in 2012. The students of departments included in the project teams will be given several benefits for the next five years, such as specialization of curriculum, scholarships, and the opportunity of overseas study. This is sure to greatly develop the level of these departments.
  There are a total of six project teams and 19 departments that have been selected. They are: a Bio-Fusion Project Team (Dept. of Bio Nano, Biological Sciences, Nano Physics, Nano Chemistry, Food Science and Biotechnology, Pharmacology), a Software Project Team (Computer Science, Software Department), a Health Sciences Agency Project Team (Physical Therapy, Biomedical, Radiology, Exercise Rehabilitation and Welfare), a Human Services Agency Project Team (Early Childhood Education, Social Welfare, and Food and Nutrition), a Specialized Design Project Team (Industrial Design, and Visual Communication Design), and a Financial Midfielder Agency Project Team (Financial Mathematics, and Applied Statistics).
  First, the Bio-Fusion Team project is, 'Bio Fusion Talent Fostering Team by C3ube System’. The team leader is Prof. Park, Chonghyon of the Food Science and Biotechnology Department. This project aims to nurture talented people who are qualified to lead the global bio-fusion core of the biotechnology industry, and the future growth engine of industry. The support fund is 1,565 million won annually (5 years; 7,825 million won). The software team project is, ‘Software Talents Fostering Team Base on Company-Customized Edu-Eco System’. The leader is Prof. Whangbo, Taekgeun of the Computer Science and Engineering Department. The aim of this project is to train field-focused software talent on the basis of company-customized Edu-ecosystems in accordance with the global IT market center changing from hardware to software. Its support fund is 609 million won annually (5 years; 3,045 million won). The Health Sciences Team project is a ‘Pinwheel Health Sciences Project'. Their leader is Prof. Ann, Sungmin of the Dept. of Radiology. The objective of this project lies in fostering health science professionals for seniors and to prepare for an aging society. The support fund is 609 million won annually (5 years; 3,045 million won). The Human Services Team project is, 'Integrated Human Services Talent Fostering Project Team’, and their leader is Prof. Jeong, Mi-ra, from the Dept. of Early Childhood Education. This project purports to train integrated human services (IHS) talent to provide customized welfare services to vulnerable groups. The support fund is 695 million won a year (5 years; 3,475 million won). The Specialized Design Project Team project is called the, 'Lean-Startup-based Design Specialization Team'. Their leader is Associate Professor Hong, Uitaek from the Department of Industrial Design. The purpose of this project is to foster design-centered creative talents on the basis of lean-startup education which can build an industry-friendly design education platform and education programs. The support fund is 261 million won per year (5 years; 1,305 million won). Finally, The Financial Midfielder Project Team project is called the 'Mathematics-based Customized Financial Midfielder Fostering Team. The leader is Associate Professor Park, Dohyeon of the Department of Mathematics & Financial Information. This project aims to train customized financial professionals based on mathematics that contribute to the creative economy. Its support fund is 261 million won annually (5 years; 1,305 million won).
  Recently, the Ministry of Education and the Korea Educational Development Institute conducted a nationwide employment rate survey of four-year colleges and universities with more than 3,000 graduates. Gachon University was ranked seventh with a 56.7% employment rate which represents an improvement of 5 ranks from last year. This impressive improvement is due to educational innovation. Our school has grown tremendously since 2012 through systematic innovations and has been able to get the support of the largest scale. I hope students take advantage of this opportunity and continue to help develop our school in the future.

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