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What are the learning methods of successful university students?Being a successful college student using learning methods provided by the ‘Teaching and Learning Development Center’
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   Most people go to university to achieve their dream and to find success. However, some of them haven’t found their proper learning methods yet. It’s because many Korea students tend to rely on private education too much. For these students, the Teaching and Learning Development Center of Gachon University offers various programs including learning method workshops. Learning method workshops are offered three times per semester in both the medical campus and the global campus. During the fall semester of 2014 there were two workshops. The first workshop was, ‘Self-directed Learning (9/30)’ which is necessary for Korean students who have been educated in a passive learning environment. The second was, ‘Time Management (10/30)’. If you haven’t found your learning method yet, I suggest you to find your own learning method by participating in a workshop provided by the center.
  The recent workshop, ‘Time Management’, was held for two hours in the International Hall at the International Language Institute on October 30th, 2014. It was presided over by Seonggil, Park, a R&D team leader of the Korea Leadership Center. He imparted his experiences as the R&D team leader of Korea Leadership Center and the Korea Behavior Science Institute, as well as being a lecturer in the field of lifetime education development. He put an emphasis on the importance of time management for university students before introducing time management methods, since time management is considered a habit. According to a survey of workers, their first answer is youth when they are asked, ’What makes you happy?‘ That is, when we have the most important factor of happiness, we need to make a habit of efficient time management and try to reach our dream, doing what we want. But to have the habit of time management, you should set about 60% of your goal
through ’choice and focus’. In the workshop, students were given the chance to choose and concentrate by taking responsibility for their goals and prioritizing. The workshop led to the conclusion that we must endeavor to make a habit of time management by setting up the order of priority and having a detailed daily and weekly plan. After the lecture, the Center received feedback from students. Jiyeong, Shin (Dept. of Healthcare Management, 14) said, ”Unlike the Self-directed Learning workshop, the different activities required for students are interesting and of substantial help to time management.“
  The 3rd workshop is, ‘Wake Up Creative Idea in Myself’. It will be held in the International Hall, November 13th. From now on the learning method workshops will be offered three times every semester. You can apply for them by filling out an application form in the official announcement section of the school’s homepage. Even if you don’t apply, you can join a workshop.
  The Teaching and Learning Development Center was selected as a 2014 university specialization project and it is holding diverse workshops for students as well as professors. For instance, there is the ‘Learning Cell’ program which aims to help students acquire knowledge and skills for effective tutoring and strengthen their capabilities as a leader. It is managed as a study group, mentoring a group of foreign students. Learning Cells are selected from the groups that students plan at the beginning of each semester. Also, for ‘Learning Cells’, a lecture is given about tutor education and learning styles. If you have an interest in it, you can listen too. A ‘Digital Literacy Workshop’ was offered for the first time this year in October and November. It is a practical workshop which enables students to learn presentation skills. The Teaching and Learning Development Center is providing various programs for student’s learning methods, so students are advised to take advantage of them and develop their proper learning methods.

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