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A new beginning arouses with excitement.
Kim So-Hyun  |  kate5825@naver.com
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Updated : 2015.03.24  22:47:02
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 The new year of 2015 has dawned. How did you feel about welcoming the new year? When a new year comes, many people make new year resolutions and plans, and start achieving them. You might feel excited or flustered when you begin something new; like me being the main editor of Gachon Herald starting this semester, or like freshmen facing the new world of university life, or every student who has moved up to the next grade. Beginning to do something truly new always comes with a fluttering feeling of excitement and always followed by fear. However, if we overcome our fears and face the new world, we grow. So I want to tell everyone not to be afraid of new beginnings. There are many books and famous quotes that give courage and I would like to share a few. Everyone who has achieved his or her goal went through a 'start' period. Movie director, Lee Joonik said, “Push yourself and do it when you're worried about whether to start something or not." Like his words, courage is such an important thing. As time goes by, the first feeling of excitement disappears by degrees. I hope you hold onto that first feeling and don’t lose it. The Gachon Herald also challenges with a new mind every year. This year, we will face new challenges with excitement. We’ll try our best to deliver what students expect from the Gachon Herald and introduce informative news as much as possible. Please expect our new challenges. Finally, I wish that every student achieves their new year goals.
‘The only joy in the world is to begin.’ (Cesare Pavese)

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