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Teen 'in shock' after wrongly linked to Charlie Hebdo attack
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Updated : 2015.03.25  08:49:13
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Teen 'in shock' after wrongly linked to Charlie Hebdo attack

  Mourad Hamyd describes himself as a normal 18-year-old who lives with his parents but 1) on the day France was gripped by the Charlie Hebdo massacre, he became known as "the third suspect" -- even though he was in class at the time of the shooting.
  The brother-in-law of one of the two gunmen 2) turned himself into police on Wednesday, horrified and 3) baffled to hear his name circulating in the news and on social media.
  But the teenager was released without charge on Friday evening, relieved but badly shaken.
  "I was stunned, completely overwhelmed by the events but the police officers were very correct with me," the visibly tired high school student told AFP in the presence of his lawyer Marie Calleghaer and several family members.
  Numerous witnesses verified he was in school when brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi gunned down 12 people at the Paris office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, kicking off three days of violence that left a total of 17 people dead and 4) traumatised a nation.
  "I'm in shock, people said horrible and false things about me on social media even though I am a normal student who lives quietly with his parents," said the 5) bespectacled teenager who one day hopes to study medicine.
  "The attack was horrific and my thoughts are with the victims," he added.
  After a massive manhunt, the Kouachi brothers were killed in a dramatic 6) police standoff on Friday.
  It remains unclear how Hamyd, who until this week was completely unknown to the police,         became linked to the magazine attack.
  But as he reflected on his name appearing in news reports and online posts across the world, he said 7) he feared the wrongful accusation would haunt him for years to come.
  "I only hope this won't 8) taint my future," he said.
  "I 9) have nothing to do with this whole thing, Cherif is just my brother-in-law with whom we have a fairly distant relationship," he said, adding that Cherif lived in the Paris region and rarely visited his northern home town.
  Hamyd's sister, who is married to Cherif, was taken into custody on Wednesday and freed on Saturday.
  "I am sure she is also innocent," an unnamed relative told AFP.
  As France prepared for a huge march in Paris in honour of the victims on Sunday, Hamyd's family told AFP they would 10) attend a rally in their town of Charleville-Mezieres 11) to pay their own tribute.
  But Hamyd, hoping 12) to fade back into anonymity as soon as possible, won't be joining them. (AFP)

1) on the day France was gripped by the Charlie Hebdo massacre: 프랑스가 Charlie Hebdo (프랑스 풍자신문사) 총기 난사 사건으로 충격에 빠진 날
was gripped : (상황에) 사로잡히다 / massacre : 대량 학살
2) turned himself into police: (스스로) 경찰에 자수하다
3) turned himself into police: 그의 이름이 뉴스에 오르내리는 것을 듣고는 크게 당황해서
baffle : 완전히 당황하게 만들다
4) traumatised a nation: 온 나라에 커다란 (정신적) 충격을 주다
5) bespectacled: 안경을 낀
6) bespectacled: 경찰의 공격 (진압 작전)
7) feared the wrongful accusation would haunt him: (테러) 용의자로 잘못 지목된 일이 자신을 계속 괴롭힐 것을 두려워하다
accusation : 혐의 제기 (고발) / haunt : 오랫동안 계속 문제가 되다 (괴롭히다)
8) taint my future: 내 미래에 오점을 남기다
9) have nothing to do with: 아무런 상관이 없다
10) attend a rally: (대규모) 집회에 참석하다
11) to pay their own tribute: (죽은 분들에게) 그들의 헌사를 드리기 위해
12) to fade back into anonymity as soon as possible: 가능한 한 빨리 사람들로부터 잊혀지기를
fade back : 서서히 사라지다 / anonymity : 익명

By Alain Julien
Published: Jan 11, 2015
Source: The Korea Herald

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