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Doing both what I love to do and what I have to do, killing two rabbits with one shot.The landscape photographer, Hyungkun, Lee. (Kyungwon University, Department of Electronic Engineering, Class of ’93)
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 How much time have you invested in doing what you like to do? These days, modern people say that they are so busy that they don’t have enough time to invest in the thing that they love. Of course some people work for a job that they love, however, many people don’t.

  Office workers usually spend time at work and at home, while students spend time searching for jobs or studying, and taking part in internships, international activities, and voluntary services. The 24-hours given to everyone often seems like it is not enough, but if you make the best use of it, you can do both what you love and what you have to do. I’d like to introduce an alumnus who succeeded in being recognized in the field that he loved by making good use of his time. He is a graduate of Kyungwon University, Department of Electronic Engineering, class of 93. He invested a lot of time in photography while working for a long time in KT and Dong-A construction. As a result, he is now working as a landscape photographer. How did he kill two rabbits with one shot? His story will show us how.

1. I wonder about the reasons why you came to love photography and work in a field unrelated to your interest.

  When I was in the second grade in high school, a wealthy friend brought a camera to school which led me to have an interest in photography. I learned how to handle a camera from that friend. In addition, I bought my first camera right after graduation. Since then, I have taken many different pictures and studied the skills of taking pictures. But I never thought it would turn out to be my job. In those days, many communication technicians were required. So I thought my major, Electronic Engineering would be useful. I entered KT film as a communication technician and worked in this field for a very long time. Nevertheless, I never stopped taking photos. I worked and kept my interest in photography simultaneously.

2. What was your motivation to stop working as a communication technician and start a new life as a photographer?

  The conversion from a communication technician to a photographer was not arbitrary. I happened to gain a good opportunity while enthusiastically doing what I liked most. Usually you don’t have much leisure time for yourself at work. However, I was able to have some free time at the office. I invested that time in photography. To make the best use of my time, I divided 24-hours into three parts. I spent 8 hours working hard, another 8 hours sleeping, and the rest of the time doing my favorite things. Time in life is given equally to everyone and flows ceaselessly. If you do passionately what you like to do, it will be known to the world and naturally be needed by someone.

3. Out of diverse photography genres, why did you take landscape photos? What is the most impressive photo taken by you?

  In my childhood, we didn’t have much to play with, so the mountain and the outdoors was my playground. The emotions that I felt about nature turned to my yearning for expressing them through my photos. I feel the mysterious nature created by god to be very attractive since it contains many themes through which I can express humans emotions.  I will explain my most impressive photo. In the summer of 2008 at dusk, I took this photo in front of Gongnyong Ridge which is called the paradise of Seorak Mt., The stream was flowing from the peak of Daecheongbong on the opposite side and from the East Sea, cloud and mist were surging on. I can’t forget their harmonious sight. To this day, I still have a vivid memory of it.


4. I wonder how you learned the skill of photo taking even though you didnt major in photography. I would love to know your way of taking good photos of nature.

  I acquired my knowledge of photography by studying at institutions and learning in many different ways. However, I felt limited and needed to make more efforts because I didn’t major in photography. Photography is also difficult because you have to find and create your own favorite theme. If you imitate someone, you will not only end up imitating other photos but also will never have your own style. There are several methods for having your own distinctive world.  

  First, since art should be assessed by public, you should submit your pieces of art to many photo exhibitions and verified websites. It is the best method which gives you the chance to get an objective evaluation. The more you get critical evaluations and repeat failures, the more you can get rid of arbitrary interpretations about photography. You can also take the opportunity to look back on your works. I have also taken my photos to have them objectively evaluated. Eventually I received about 70 awards in domestic and foreign contests.

  Second, you should study how to get admitted to the professional photographer association. In this course, you can study from the basics to in-depth. This course will demand your desperate efforts until you gain the discernment to catch beauty.

  No matter how hard you may work for photos, if you are not properly verified, you may fall into your own world of photography. Therefore, you need to make efforts to find your discerning eye. These are my know-hows.

5. Do you have any good methods of taking good photos of nature?

 The landscape photos basically show the images of nature, the landscape of mind and the subjects. So the most important thing is to love and understand the subjects along with the sense of the light to express it well in photos. You must have a respect and a polite and clear attitude toward nature as well. If you look down on and destroy nature, one day you will suffer disaster. In contrast, if you respect nature, you will have the discernment that can see beauty and the mind with sensitivity.

  You also need to have a basic knowledge of photography. You should not only read books but also go out to see photo exhibitions and have access to the various media that is needed for a cultivated mind. That is when your view of seeing landscapes will start to develop.

6. You probably went to many places in Korea to take landscape photos. Can you recommend some places? 


  Climbing mountains is difficult but gives you the opportunity to look back on yourself. In Korea, there are many good mountains. Some of them is Seorak Mt., Jiri Mt. and Dukyu Mt. They are like a father, a mother and an elder brother. I think these mountains show you the beauty of nature very well. I wish you could feel the beauty of nature and look back on yourself. 

7. Can you give some advice to university students who worry about their career or are busy preparing for a job?

  The world is changing every day and you need new knowledge and thoughts. In today’s society, everything and everyone is living very busily. In the future it will keep changing, too. So they will have many more things to do than they do now. However, I hope that they don’t forget this advice.

  First, find what you like for your entire life. As I mentioned earlier, if you spend at least one-third of your time doing what you love to do, you will live a more enjoyable and passionate life.

  Second, if you can’t avoid it, you might as well try and enjoy it. You may end up finding something that makes you happy.

  Third, finish what you started. You should think enough before you start something, and after you begin, don’t stop.

  Finally, be a reliable person. Just as you have other people trust you by keeping your promise, so faith is much more important in society. Winning someone’s trust will give benefit to all your works.


  It is just an excuse that you can’t do your favorite thing because you are too busy. No matter how busy you are, we take three meals a day. Just like that, if you have a passion about something, you will definitely find time to invest in your hobby. If you still haven’t found your favorite thing, it’s okay. Many people’s lives are driven by not themselves but by people around them. That is why people are struggling to find what they truly like. Just don’t waste your time. Spend it studying in various fields and considering your talent and aptitude. Then, good results will always follow.

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