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Gachon University, where the disabled feel happyGachon University’s considerations for the disabled
Jang Ji-Young  |  95lovejy@naver.com
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Updated : 2015.06.30  13:12:32
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  Daniel Lindemann, a representative of Germany in the Korean talk-variety show, A Non-Summit Talk, wrote an article in the social column section of the JoongAng Newspaper on April 23, 2015. In the article he said, “I have good impressions about South Korea after knowing that there are welfare facilities for the disabled and special seats on the subway for the handicapped, the old, the weak and pregnant women”. So, what kind of considerations does Gachon University offer for disabled people? At Gachon University, there are many convenient facilities for the disabled, including the Disabled Students Support Center. Also, there is a study assistant system support business for 2015 disabled freshmen. Let’s learn about the various considerations for handicapped students. 
  Firstly, many convenient facilities for disabled people can be found in the Central Library of Gachon University. There is a reading room on the left side of the first floor in the Central Library. Every student can use this reading room, but there is a handicapped people sign hanging from the ceiling. The Central Library put this sign there for those students who have difficulty going upstairs. When you pass through the gate, there are researching seats on the right side, including special seats for handicapped students. Two seats have signs saying, “Please leave these seats for handicapped students.” There is an elevator on the left side of the reservation and reference room on the first floor, which has a sign for the handicapped. This is also a consideration for those students who are not able to use stairs. Lastly, all the rooms in the library have special seats for those people. 
  Furthermore, Gachon University has introduced a study assistant system support business for 2015 disabled freshmen. This study assistance program was implemented by the Federation of Korea Differently Abled Organization for 2015 freshmen throughout universities in Korea. The students registered as handicapped, are supported with laptops, tap books and extra study assistant systems. Sense readers are provided for blind students and physical trackball mouse for mentally retarded and brain-disabled students. The main criterion for this support business is the dean’s list and family income. The application period was from 6th of March to 20th of March in 2015, and all the applicants were asked to submit a copy of disabled person registration, a copy of proof of enrollment, and a copy of certificate of entrance school record. Next, for the relevant students it is needed to submit a certificate of recipient of basic living or a certificate of lower family income. People can refer to corporate and sharing menu in the Federation of Korea Differently Abled Organization webpage in order to apply for the handicapped university students study assistant system.
  Lastly, there is a disabled student support center at Gachon University. This is located at the Student Service Center and inquiries are made through the number, 031-750-5130. Moreover, this center provides handicapped students with human and physical support so that they can have happy university lives.
  We might have difficulty looking around us carefully owing to our busy and tough university lives. Plus, we may not be interested in disabled people support business and facilities since we are not handicapped. However, if we take more interest in this news and give this information to the disabled, they will be able to have easier school lives. So, I hope my fellow students will have more benevolent spirits after reading this article. Furthermore, I want this article to help handicapped students learn more about facilities and business for themselves and enjoy their school lives.
*Sense Reader: Korean version of Screen Reader. Screen Reader is a software application that helps disabled students to use computers by identifying and interpreting what is being entered in computer through an audio signal.
*Trackball mouse: a pointing device consisting of a ball held by a socket containing sensors to detect a rotation of the ball about two axes.

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