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Emergency!! How would you treat?The knowledge of first aid saves a life.
Jung Soo-Jin  |  jsj5979@naver.com
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Updated : 2015.06.30  16:36:00
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  Lots of people in accidents have died because they didn’t get first aid at the appropriate time. But these kinds of tragedies are likely to decrease if we all know how to perform emergency first aid treatment. Let me give you a good example. Lee, Soovbin, a Seoul Soomeun elementary school fourth grader, left home at 7 pm. When passing an apartment block, she heard a voice crying, “HELP!” While adults couldn’t do anything, Lee recalled the CPR treatment that she had learned about four hours ago. Lee learned how to do CPR after one hour of manual education and practiced it with a mannequin at a CPR Experience Center managed by Gang-Seo Fire station. Lee thought that it was a serious situation and asked the neighbors to align the face and the neck of the injured male. Then, she started doing chest compressions and kept on doing it over 30 times in two minutes. At last the man recovered his consciousness. This shows that first aid is indispensable to our daily lives. These days more and more attention is being paid to the importance of first aid education. That is why Gachon University has started first aid education for all freshmen in 2015.
  CPR education teaches you how to do CPR and how to use a defibrillator. The important thing is that it gives you the chance to practice what you learn theoretically. Before education, you are given a questionnaire in which you need to answer simple questions about the order and procedures of CPR. Then you learn the theory and how to do CPR.
  First, you should check if the patient is breathing or not by asking, “Are you OK?” Second, call 119. Request anyone around you to contact 119 and request for a defibrillator immediately. Third, you should start doing chest compression. After holding your hands firmly, press the patient’s chest with the heel of your palms 30 times. Fourth, do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. You should bend the head of the patient, lift the jaw, and cover the nose of the patient. Then blow into the mouth for 1 second. To use the defibrillator, first press the power button and then, take off the patient’s top clothes and attach the electrode pad onto their breasts. Next, after analyzing the heart rhythm stated on the defibrillator, press the electric shock button, followed by CPR (chest compression 20 times, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation two times). After learning about CPR theory, you are given the chance to practice it. After this education, you are required to fill out the questionnaire that you received before the education.
  When the class was over, I interviewed students who had participated in the class:
Yoo, Young Mi (Tourism Management ‘15): I have never seen someone who needed first aid. However, while I was taking this class, I thought to myself, “If I learn first aid, I will be able to help save someone’s life.”
Lee, Sung Jae (Computer Engineering ‘15): I don’t know how other people felt but I took this education very seriously. While doing the questionnaire after class, I felt confident and satisfied with my answers because I gained a lot more knowledge than I had before. I felt I actually learned something. It was a great class because I was sure that I would be able to save someone’s life someday.
  Thus, the first aid education got a satisfactory evaluation and boosted every student’s confidence in being able to help someone in an accident. Furthermore, it is very meaningful education in that we can apply it to real life. I hope many other students have the chance to get this education, which I believe will help students learn first aid in detail and use it to save lives whenever they can. There is no reason for people to lose their lives on account of not getting first aid treatment at the appropriate time.

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