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Are you a Leader or a Boss?
Kim So-Hyun  |  kate5825@naver.com
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Updated : 2015.06.30  17:30:13
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  You could be someone who holds a high rank in a group, like being the chief, but when some people are in the same situation they take on the role of a leader while others take on the role of a boss. If you were in such a situation, would you become a leader or a boss? Of course, it depends on the situation, but let’s think of our university life (our lives in our major, club or other group) and just take a look into the differences of being a leader or a boss.
  Bosses think success means going to the top. On the other hand, leaders believe that to achieve their goals they first have to help their partners. Thus, bosses force other people to work harder while leaders try to solve things beforehand. Also, bosses value ‘I’ and leaders value ‘we’. When they do something, bosses give orders but leaders ask questions.

  I’d like to put a question to you; “Is the role of a boss needed in university?” I think it’s not right that a student of a similar age can become a ‘boss’ that forces and drives others around. However, if a good leader exists, he or she would be able to lead a group and influence others in a good way. Then, what are the conditions and talents that help form a good leader? There are many factors but I’ll only talk about, ‘Five virtues of a good leader’ through the book, Mok-Min-Sim-Seo by Jeong, Yakyong. (a book about how a governor rules over people). First the author says, don’t speak a lot, and don’t get angry. Second, don’t seek the position for yourself. Third, integrity is the natural stance of a governor and the basis of good work and virtue. Fourth, do save and give. And finally, fifth, dignity and credibility is the only way of leading people.
  It looks easy to be a good leader but it’s hard to behave as one. One momentary lapse in your behavior can make you seem like a boss or someone who is neither a boss nor a leader. If there is a good leader in the group, the people of the group may in turn become good leaders when they reach a high rank in another group. So a leader’s role is very important. I also think I will try to become a good leader of Gachon Herald.

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